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Understanding Biometric Technology- Biometric Time Clock Softare

Biometric technology is capable of measuring and analyzing physiological as well as behavioral characteristics, such as fingerprints, hand measurements and voice patterns. These characteristics are used to verify the identity of an individual.

Biometric technology cannot be easily stolen or hacked, making it more effective than passwords, codes and other conventional security methods. For this reason, more and more organizations are implementing biometric technology in areas that were formerly subject to fraud and theft.

Today, biometric verification has become a norm in corporate circles, public security systems and point of sale applications. Typically, biometric devices consist of:

∎ Scanning or reading device
∎ Software to convert scanned information into digital form
∎ Database

In order to prevent data theft, biometric data is usually encrypted by the software that converts it into digital form. This data is then compared with previously held data in the database. If there is a data match, authentication is approved by the software.

Biometric Time Clock Software
Biometric time management software employs biometric technology to accurately track employee attendance. With finger recognition, the employee’s identity is matched with previously held data about the concerned employee. When there is a data match, the software clocks the employee in or out.

Benefits of Biometric Time Clock Software
Biometric technology offers several advantages over conventional time attendance systems, such as attendance register. The manual attendance system is time-consuming and subject to abuse. Biometric time clock software is easily deployed across the organization. It is a user-friendly system that automates the process of clocking-in and out of workplace. Activities, such as buddy punching and early punching can be eliminated by means of biometric time clock software.

Biometric time clock software offers several other advantages. It can easily be integrated with other human resource tasks, such as creating employee payroll and managing employee leave. A foolproof biometric time clock software cuts down company expenses. According to the American Payroll Associations, businesses can realize up to 8% reduction in payroll by implementing biometric time clock software. The reduction results from accurate reporting of time.

MinuteHound: Cloud-based Biometric Time Clock Software
Connect To Savings Using BiometricsMinuteHound is a futuristic biometric time clock software that offers its patented cloud technology to eliminate practices, such as buddy punching, late punching and early punching. Data obtained from fingerprint scanner is transmitted to MinuteHound’s cloud servers after encryption. Owing to encryption, data cannot be manipulated. Data stored in cloud servers is then accessible in form of employee management reports that are useful for preparing payroll and other accounting purposes.

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