Payroll Time Tracking Using a Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

Payroll Time Tracking: Are Biometric Fingerprint Scanners the Future?

Time clock and attendance technology have been rather standard over the last decade, ranging from physical time clocks with ink punches to computer solutions. The latest innovation in this area is an attendance solution that is a biometric finger scanner that simplifies everything about punching in and out.

While something like a biometric fingerprint scanner may seem too technologically advanced and difficult to use, the opposite is actually true. MinuteHound’s unique time clock software prevents employee time theft and doesn’t require time cards or any other inventory, saving money in the process. With no time cards, pins, badges, or passwords to worry about, a biometric fingerprint scanner provides a simple no frills attendance solution.

MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint scanner software offers live reporting from anywhere with internet access, allowing you to monitor your employees’ times and attendance wherever and whenever you want. Information is encrypted with 128-bit encryption during transfer, protecting sensitive information in the workplace. If an employee is late or departs early from a scheduled shift, the software will send an e-mail and text message alert. Despite seeming potentially complex, this biometric fingerprint scanner is simply plug and play with no learning curve or guidance required. Employees take between one and two minutes to enter, and administrators have many privileges through the software such as inputting sick leave and holiday hours, wages, and more. With around the clock support, you can rest assured knowing that you can request assistance whenever you need it.

Fingerprint Clock in SystemIf you already have a time clock, consider adding the biometric fingerprint scanner to it to enhance your time and attendance data. The data can be easily imported into any accounting software, and is encrypted and stored on multiple servers. Adding a paperless option with quick and easy integration will only benefit you and your organization by saving you time, money, and future headaches. Think about all of the hassles you will prevent by knowing exactly when and where every employee was at the time of every punch in and punch out!

MinuteHound also provides an alternate to the biometric fingerprint scanner. Instead, they offer a cloud-based option that allows employees to log in with any PC, Mac, smartphone or any other device to punch in times. Timestamps and IP addresses are recorded with every punch, providing much-needed information about employee location. While this method is not as foolproof as a biometric fingerprint scanner, it is a cheaper solution to workplace time clock needs that offers more information than the majority of today’s standard choices. There are no risks and no obligations with MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint scanner software. There is nothing to lose, only money to save, by using this unique time clock.

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