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PC Time Clock Software For Your Business

PC time clock software is a quick download and instantly starts working and saving money. How does it save money? By first verifying an employees attendance before recording their time. Right now your current process relies on a trust system that allows employees to share PINS/Passwords or simply writing down time. This costs you money. The average employee steals 54 minutes of time per 8 hour shift. This is completely unacceptable and why MinuteHound exists. Time clock software works alongside a biometric scanner that does all the heavy lifting. It will verify, record, and then calculate all the hours for you to run an accurate payroll at the end of the work week. Time clock software works on all Windows Operating Systems that run XP – 10.

It also works on most POS systems, tablets, and laptops that run Windows. MinuteHound’s time clock software is designed to keep employees honest, even if no one is there to watch them. Managers have other things to do than keep track of all the time their employees are supposed to be working. MinuteHound will track them down to the minute so that payroll is not only easy, but you only pay for actual time worked. Time clock software will work 24/7 for all shifts and the system itself is completely cloud and browser based.

Time Clock Software Helping Business Become More Ogranized

Not only will time clock software help you lower payroll costs, control spending, and keep employees honest; it will help your organization become streamlined in many of your HR pipelines. You can order your company by branches, departments, and track time worked on specific locations and jobs. Not only will the time clock software keep track of how much time your employees work, you will know the exact time spent at each location or project you assign them. This can help you setup correct scheduling and make the necessary adjustments to keep employees in order.

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