Simple Time and Attendance for Everyday Business Operations

Simple Time and Attendance Solutions

Business owners have long work days and constant decisions to make. Worrying about employees showing up on time and actually working the hours they claim to work should not be something anyone worries about. Having them write down on a piece of paper their hours worked is pretty crazy when you think of it. It is the year 2018! Why on earth is anyone still using paper time sheets!! The answer is pretty simple though, its cheap. Most business owners don’t want to invest in complicated, big systems that will take up lots of time and money. Time and attendance should be the staple of your business, which is why MinuteHound is the leader in how it tracks time.

At just $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location, MinuteHound is not only simple but super cost effective. Time and attendance is tracked through modern biometric technology. This means employees show up to work and leave work all by placing their finger to a small fingerprint scanner. This first verifies their attendance, then begins to record their time. The only way this process works is if they are physically present to do it. Friends at work cannot cover for each other. MinuteHound’s time and attendance system keeps them honest at all times. Buddy punching and time fraud are virtually eliminated.

Importance of Time and Attendance

Not only do you need accurate time and attendance for your financial sake, you need it for legal reasons as well. For all the local, state, and federal tax reasons employers need detailed records for years at a time. MinuteHound’s time and attendance system tracks everything and keeps them on hand for you. Detailed reports are prepared for you every pay period and ready to submit. All corrections and time off can be tracked and entered from any web browser. Time and attendance in 2018 is simple and cost effective. Get with the program today!

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