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Transform Any Computer into A PC Time Clock

Do you own or manage a business? Have employees that work for an hourly wage, commission, or salary? Well no matter what type of business it is or what industry it is a part of, one thing always remains the same: employees’ don’t work for free. They need to be paid, and as an owner/manager they should never be over or under paid. Not only does overpaying drain from profits and savings, but underpaying staff is the fastest way to decrease productivity. That is why MinuteHound offers a fantastic, inexpensive, and proven to work system. The PC time clock uses a piece of equipment just about every American business has: a computer.

By using the office computer businesses can save both money and time. A PC time clock is just that; a personal computer that is used for everyday office tasks but at the same time employees can clock-in and out. No more big machines to setup and take up that valuable office space. No more time-sheets to print up and have employees fill-in. A PC time clock uses state-of-the-art technology combined with cloud computing. Employees can no longer cheat the system nor cover for friends. The PC time clock is guaranteed to stop buddy punching.

How the PC Time Clock Works

The PC time clock is very simple to use. When completing an order with MinuteHound, a biometric fingerprint scanner is mailed to you. This fingerprint scanner is very small and compact, about the size of a computer mouse. It gets plugged into the computer, then a simple software download from any web browser turns that computer into a PC time clock. In under 10 minutes, a brand new biometric timekeeping system can be installed and ready to use. It takes about 1 minute per employee to register and after that, each employee simply signs into work with the swipe of a fingerprint or thumb.

Easy To Use Software & Live SupportThis system works! If it doesn’t, send MinuteHound back the scanner for a 100% refund of the scanner cost ($99.95). That’s it, for less than $100.00 you can have a biometric time clock setup and recording times for staff. Employees who show up late or not at all will not get paid. Employees that try to leave early won’t get paid for that difference. The PC time clock promotes accurate pay for accurate work.

The PC Time Clock Is Supported Around the Clock

Not a big fan of computers? Don’t know what biometrics are? Have no fear, for MinuteHound is here! Always here, as MinuteHound offers around the clock technical support. MinuteHound’s PC time clock is a business solution, not a product you buy and hope it works. When you place an order with MinuteHound if any client needs help, has questions, wants training, etc. MinuteHound is always there to provide assistance. The qualified team of technical specialists are all U.S. based and provide instant solutions. Try the PC time clock out today risk free and start saving more money!

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Biometric Time Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound PC Time Clock.

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  1. PC Time Clock software replaces handwritten time cards, mechanical time clocks and time sheets. Thanks for come up with this informative information.

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