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Accurate Employee Time Tracking

The key to success for any business knowing every expense, how to lower them, and making sure your profits increase with every decision. Time and attendance and how to track hours is a decision every business owner has to make. Employee time tracking is essential not only to make sure employees get paid, but that your business never gets sued or audited. So many local, state and federal laws revolve around labor. MinuteHound has developed a system that does all the work for you, stores employee records, and helps save you money along the way.

However, despite these horrible losses, the time clock has not changed much since it was first invented almost 130 years ago. The only significant change was a switch to digital technology back in the late 1990s. However, the digital time clock made employee time tracking much simpler. Employees no longer had to worry about time cards, and their time data was kept in a database. That allowed computers to easily access the data for payroll processing. The punch in process was also simplified. Employees merely had to swipe a card or scan an RFID chip to punch in and out.

MinuteHound Revolutionizes the Time Clock Industry

MinuteHound feels that it’s about time for another change. The company has developed a biometric time clock designed to prevent time theft before it becomes a problem. Many companies have already adopted the MinuteHound employee time tracking system, and these companies have reported an average payroll cost decrease of 5%.

How the MinuteHound Employee Time Tracking System Works

Employees log in and out of the system using a small USB scanning device to read their thumbprint. The system then converts the data into binary code and sends that data, along with the name, date and time, to a secured cloud server. The information is never kept on site.

Employee Time Tracking Was Never Simpler
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Employee time tracking using the MinuteHound time clock is simple. Just log into the cloud server with your username and password, and you’ll be able to view the data in real time. A patented red flag system sends alerts to your smartphone informing you of tardiness or buddy punching. You can even create an account for your payroll department and set permissions so the data cannot be changed!

MinuteHound now has a free trial available. The trial allows your business to try the MinuteHound employee time tracking system free for 21 days. To sign up for your free trial, simply visit the MinuteHound website and fill out the simple form.

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