Proximity Time Clocks Eliminate Badges, Pins, Passwords, Sheets, Cards

Proximity Time Clocks Make Sure All Seconds Are Accounted For

Proximity time clocks break bad habits. Staff that arrive late or leave early no longer have that option. “Killing time” is more often heard than “stealing time.” Nevertheless, time theft is frequently committed by employees. Staff taking a little longer to finish a scheduled break count as time theft. Leaving early and arriving late are two other ways to steal time. It will be noticed that the victim of time theft is the employer. The employee is the thief. By having proximity time clocks, you only pay employees for actual time worked. No more cheating. No more games or fudging numbers.

The total amount of lost time is quite substantial. Regular proximity time clocks may not catch all transgressors. Hundreds of billions of dollars are wasted every year. Businesses are basically paying their employees to do nothing. This hurts everyone involved, and can cripple the best companies. It is time to increase savings, reduce costs. By having biometric proximity time clocks in your workplace, your in control 24/7 and can track employees from anywhere.

Proximity Time Clocks Keep Staff Honest

MinuteHound, a company that specializes in eliminating this problem, is the leader in time and attendance solutions. The time clock, like all proximity time clocks, logs employees in and out of work. It uses biometric fingerprinting technology originally developed for the military. Now, this technology is not only available to large corporations, but to small business as well. It is low-cost, great for multiple branches, and offers many tools. By using proximity time clocks, your changing the way you run you business.

Every human being has a unique fingerprint. Digitizing this fingerprint into a specific series of numbers, proximity time clocks give employers a crystal-clear picture of timeliness and honesty. Honest employees are often shortchanged because they are punished for something they had nothing to do with. Time thieves make everyone look bad. Proximity time clocks solve this problem. Honest employees now have a record to distinguish themselves from dishonest employees.

Electronic fingerprint records have an additional advantage. The business is now protected from lawsuits involving allegedly altered time records. Proximity time clocks automatically generates records every time employees scan their finger. They are stored in a remote database safe and sound. From any internet connection, managers are able to log in and check on employees. Whether at home, at work, or on the golf course you can check on staff. Proximity time clocks offer peace of mind as well. No physical damage such as fire or water can ever harm your information. Same with physical theft. Nothing is stored locally, therefore your information is safe from all harm 24/7. Sleep well!

Proximity Time Clocks Are Foolproof

Biometric Proximity Time ClocksBest of all, unlike other proximity time clocks, MinuteHound gives its reports in real time. Managers can track their employees breaks, start/end times, and much more. They can deal with violators instantly. Sneaking past proximity time clocks is no longer possible. This system is flawless and foolproof. Not only does it stop dishonest employees, it cures mistakes. Errors are now gone. Let technology do the heavy lifting. By having your employees use fingerprints to clock in and out, your guaranteed accuracy. Payroll is now stress and error free.

Proximity time clocks save businesses money almost immediately after it is installed. The cost is $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. From day one, the system pays for itself. All of the above benefits can be had for very low cost. Modern digital or old-fashioned mechanical proximity time clocks are more expensive to install. After you setup an account, the fingerprint scanner is mailed to you. In under 10 minutes, you will be up and running. Proximity time clocks will now help you manage and save. No training required. Easy and simple to use and setup.

Privacy concerns are unfounded when it comes to MinuteHound. The fingerprint scanner digitizes each individual print into binary code. No employee actually has his fingerprint saved on some remote database. No one can get at it. Safe, secure, and convenient. Make your life easier. Proximity time clocks are also paperless. Go green and save big. Upgrade today, and change your business forever!

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