Biometric Fingerprint Attendance System Price: $1.00 Per Employee

MinuteHound’s Simple, Reasonable Fingerprint Attendance System Price

We don’t have to be shy about our fingerprint attendance system price. The start up cost is buying the equipment, currently $99.95 per scanner. That’s a one time fee for the fingerprint scanner. You pay that once, and never again. There’s a monthly fee per location of $5, and a per employee fee that runs less than $1. That’s it. Don’t hold your breath for more fees, costs, and long-term contracts. Our fingerprint attendance system price is simple, and hands down the best on the market.

The happier companies are with our system, the more they’ll adopt it. We offer free support and upgrades to ensure that this is the system that works for you. Our fingerprint attendance system price is flexible and you can either add, or take away at anytime. Never feel locked in, as you have free reign to edit and update anytime you like.

Fingerprint Attendance System Price Example

An example of our fingerprint attendance system price, for a small company: Buy one fingerprint scanner at $99.95, then put 20 employees into the system. With one location, that’s a $5 location fee plus $19.95 for the 20 employees, or $24.95 per month. This is for the whole MinuteHound experience. Remember, we’ve got features, lots of them, most of all the reliability of biometric accuracy!

In addition to the money you’ll save from our fingerprint attendance system price, MinuteHound will tighten your payroll costs, from 2% to 8% typically. It costs pennies a day to use, yet it will be keeping you informed. It will keep you on top of who’s on the job, who missed work, who’s late again and who left early. You can also manage staffing levels, making sure you’ve got enough people on the job to work efficiently and meet your targets.

Fingerprint Attendance System Price Includes Shipping

MinuteHound Is Your Daily Dose Of Savings!There’s a hidden cost that you won’t have to pay any more: training employees to use the time clock. There’s nothing to do but scan a finger. No codes, no cards, no PINs. That means no training, supervising, retraining and non-compliance. You get more employee time at work, doing work.

Your payroll department will also be able to focus on doing their jobs, not updating and correcting time records. You can just run your payroll, meaning time saved and paychecks out on time and correct! Your fingerprint attendance system price will pay for itself.

We generally send your fingerprint scanner out the same day you order, and did we mention there’s no shipping cost? You start saving money right away. We’ll be there for you as you install the system on your PC, support is free and friendly. You may not need it, using MinuteHound is simple and easy, and you’ll love our fingerprint attendance system price.

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Fingerprint Attendance System Price: From Day One, This System Will Pay For Itself!

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