Modern Technology Spotlight: Advanced Punch Card Attendance System

A Punch Card Attendance System You Can Trust

When running a business, it’s important to make sure employees are showing up on time. In the past, a punch card attendance system could be easily manipulated, or its results forged. Friends at work simply clocking in and out for one another. This is bad for business and creates an air of distrust that is not conducive to an efficient workplace. MinuteHound has the answer though, in their modern take on the punch card attendance system.

With state of the art biometric fingerprint technology, MinuteHound’s punch card attendance system removes the hassle of the traditional, physical punch card and instead replaces it with something that can’t be forged, the human fingerprint. Their punch card attendance system is crucial in removing time theft from the workplace because it’s a system that simply cannot be beat. Utilizing cloud based time clock software, MinuteHound provides its clients with live reporting that is accessible from any internet connection in the world. Adding to something that an old punch card attendance system couldn’t do, MinuteHound also provides e-mails and text messages to its clients whenever an employee is late or leaves early from their assigned shift.

The Punch Card Attendance System Is Low-Cost And Safe

Punch Card Attendance System Uses FingerprintsAs opposed to the traditional punch card attendance system, there is no upkeep or inventory that needs to be maintained for their system to work. All their system requires is access to the internet and a working USB slot. This equates to money saved for clients, and MinuteHound’s system only costs pennies a day. To ensure that their system works smoothly and flawlessly, they utilize 128-bit encryption to make sure the data they transfer is safe and secure. Perhaps its strongest benefit is that it’s an easy system to use: there are no learning curves, training, or guidance required. Simply install their software and let it do its work. The modern punch card attendance system will upgrade your office.

Customer service is easy to get in contact with. There’s no long term commitments. Best of all, the entire system is risk free. The punch card attendance system is tested, tried, and proven to work. Any company interested in a new take on the punch card attendance system would be wise to take advantage of their exciting product. It’s time to enter the digital era where a company shouldn’t have to worry about time theft and forged time cards. MinuteHound has the solution to a problem that can be easily avoided and they’ve been providing it for an affordable price.

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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