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Using a Powerful Employee Time Tracking System For Your Business

An employee time tracking system saves time, money, and produces error free reports. Even for a small company, making sure that employees properly clock in and out is essential. The larger the company, the more difficult it becomes to keep track of employee activity. Since accuracy in the hours worked is required to avoid over-payment, an employee time tracking system is a powerful tool for any company.

This employee time tracking system uses biometric fingerprint technology as opposed to ordinary time cards. This gives the system a sophisticated approach that is actually easy for employees to use. There is no training or lengthy explanations. No learning curves for you or your staff to overcome. The employee time tracking system requires no technical background of any kind. Let MinuteHound take care of the technology, while you take care of your business.

Employee Time Tracking System Is Green

Using fingerprints as a means for employees to clock-in and out is a precise method that avoids all sorts of mistakes and mix-ups. It also avoids employees clocking in for others as a way of getting more hours. Using an employee time tracking system without time cards has conveniences of its own. Time cards and/or sheets can be hard to keep organized. Also, by using paper products you have to spend more on supplies and produce more paper waste. MinuteHound’s employee time tracking system is paperless. By using more green products in your office, you will save money in multiple ways.

Through the use of a cloud-based employee time tracking system, the task of tracking employees’ hours and keeping records is simplified. Keeping virtual records saves space and keeps data safer. Using a more precise system ensures that records are more accurate. Also, since your reports are in the cloud, you can access them from anywhere. With 128-bit data encryption, data is safeguarded from physical and intended harm. The employee time tracking system is safe, secure, and convenient.

The Employee Time Tracking System Keeps You Alert

The Employee Time Tracking System Keeps You AlertWith a cloud-based employee time tracking system, real-time access is allowed through an internet connection. This gives administrators the ability to check in on staff from anywhere. Managers are able to view who’s on the clock, in which department, and much more. Between real-time access and accurate records, administrators are able to make certain the business is running as intended. The employee time tracking system makes your life easier.

The employee time tracking system keeps you alert. Your able to set up email and text messages to automatically notify you of certain behaviors. If any of your employees clock in or out at the wrong time, you will be alerted. Not the next day, but in real time. Overtime will never creep up. Also, if an employee has a habit of being tardy takes or leaving early, you now have documentation. The employee time tracking system will provide accurate, detailed time and attendance reports.

Having an employee time tracking system is essential for any business. The best system will be easy to use yet give the administrators high-level access and insight into the employees’ hours and schedules. Keep in mind that the employee time tracking system is not a product bought in a store. It is a system that will change and upgrade the way you manage your business. It is a solution, not a temporary fix. Round the clock support is there when you need it. No long term commitments to sign. No gimmicks or hidden fees. Use this proven system today and upgrade your business forever.

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