Time Clock News: Punch Card System Records All Employee Attendance

The Punch Card System That Uses Fingerprints

As you’re looking for a new punch card system to install in your office place, you’ve likely come across an array of different options. How accurate do you want the time cards to be? Do you want to stop losing money for employees who aren’t actually there? Do you want a safe and secure system? These are all questions that you should be asking yourself before purchasing such a system. With MinuteHound’s punch card system, you’ll be sure to get excellent answers to all of these inquiries.

MinuteHound is better than any other punch card system because of the way it operates. Some systems simply require that a person sign in upon arrival, and this makes it very easy for friends to just log in for one another. Well, with MinuteHound, that simply isn’t possible. In order to sign in to work, the employees will need to have their fingerprint scanned. Yes, it’s truly possible for this advanced punch card system to identify who was and was not there beyond a shadow of a doubt. When companies lose so much money every year to employees who weren’t actually at work, it’s crucial to have a punch card system that prevents such problems from happening.

The Advanced Punch Card System Features

Advanced Punch Card System Uses Fingerprint RecognitionAdditionally, MinuteHound is so much more than a punch card system. Other systems just let you know when the person comes in for the day and when the person leaves. However, MinuteHound actually generates reports. Instead of sitting around on pay day for hours trying to figure out who owes what, you’ll have a convenient report available to make your life so much easier. You also don’t have to constantly wonder if people are in or not. If an employee does not show up to work on time or leaves early from his or her shift, this punch card system will send you a message to make you aware of the problem.

So many of these punch card systems are pricey. When you’re trying to save money in the first place, who wants to be spending extra funds on these devices? Well, the MinuteHound punch card system is designed with you and your budget in mind. In fact, the prices are tailored to meet the needs of your company. Why pay the price for a hundred person company when you have a small business of 20? For an affordable, practical and highly functional punch card system, choose MinuteHound today for your office!

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