Smart Card Attendance System: Green Business Technology That Saves

Accurate Time Accounting With A Smart Card Attendance System

You depend on your workers to get the job done day after day. However, some workers try to steal time from the workplace. Many of them do this by toying with the settings on the time clock or shift management computer. Others do it by having another employee log in for them with their name or user ID number. Whichever way they do it, this time theft hurts productivity. The MinuteHound smart card attendance system is here to help.

Rather than using a traditional “punch clock”, which requires filing messy paperwork and provides chances for trickery, the MinuteHound smart card attendance system is fully PC based. Unlike other such solutions, which are “stand alone” solutions, MinuteHound uses a cloud server. This means that time records, employee data, and other crucial information is stored remotely. It can be read from anywhere in the world by an employer. This data is kept safe by state of the art 128-bit encryption. The smart card attendance system is safe for all users on every level.

The Difference With MinuteHound’s Smart Card Attendance System

What makes the MinuteHound smart card attendance system unique is that it uses biometrics. When a worker clocks in or out, they are identified by their fingerprint. It is important to know that the worker is who they say that they are. That is why MinuteHound employs a USB fingerprint pad. The worker must press a finger onto this pad to prove that they are the person indicated. This use of biometrics makes MinuteHound’s smart card attendance system the most reliable in the industry.

The Smart Card Attendance System Features Green TechnologyWith the MinuteHound smart card attendance system, a boss does not need to come into the office to check attendance. The cloud records system makes this information available anywhere that there is an Internet connection. That is not all, however. MinuteHound can be set up to alert the boss when a worker clocks in late or clocks out early. These messages can be sent out automatically by the MinuteHound smart card attendance system using SMS or email. There is no chance for the boss to be kept “out of the loop” or for lack of attendance to be misreported.

Green Technology For Your Business: Smart Card Attendance System

The MinuteHound smart card attendance system is easy to install, even for a novice. Because it requires no long term commitments, there is no risk to try it out. The software is fully “plug and play” and will work on nearly any workplace PC. The smart card attendance system is also green. The “smart card” is your employee’s fingerprint! Not only is accuracy guaranteed, there is no supplies needed. Save money and the planet. Upgrade your office today with a low-cost, no risk, highly effective smart card attendance system.

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