Biometric Punch Clock: 100% Safe. No Images Or Prints Ever Stored

Biometric Punch Clock: Secure And Safe

Security of personal and private information is so very important these days. As a business owner or manager, protecting your employee’s confidential information is a job you cannot take lightly. In addition, every company needs an accurate method of recording employee time and attendance. MinuteHound’s biometric punch clock is all that and more. The unique punch clock offers security, convenience, and state of the art technology to fuel your business. Managers will be able to log-on from anywhere to check reports, see who’s working, export payroll, and much more. The best part, the biometric punch clock guarantees accuracy. Friends at work can’t cover for one another, and mistakes are gone. The punch clock from MinuteHound is like no other on the market.

After you setup an account, the punch clock is mailed to you. The punch clock is your actual scanner, where employees will place their finger upon arriving and leaving for work. Same process for breaks. The punch clock does not record the image of the fingerprint. Instead, the punch clock will break down all fingerprints into a set of binary numbers. This process ensures your private information stays that way. All data transfers use 128-bit encryption to remote offsite locations. The punch clock is the modern answer for your time and attendance problems.

The Punch Clock Works In Any Environment

For starters the actual punch clock is the size of a computer mouse. It takes up very little space and can be extended up to 54ft away with extension cords. With some double sided tape you can mount it to a wall, by a door, on a desk, etc. The punch clock stores nothing on the computer it is connected too. The information is stored in cloud servers, not your PC. Theft, fire, smoke, water or any other type of damage will never harm your information. Even if someone stole the computer and scanner, it would not matter. The biometric punch clock from MinuteHound is 100% safe and secure on every level.

There is no training required and no downtime to worry about. The punch clock is backed for life, which means if you don’t like MinuteHound for any reason, you will be able to return it for your money back. As soon as MinuteHound receives the scanner, you will receive a full refund of the scanner price. No other product or company even comes close! Upgrade your business with a biometric punch clock and realize the difference for yourself. It is green and paperless. No long term obligations required. You can cancel at anytime. It works in any type of environment, whether it be office, warehouse, construction sites, etc. Make the switch to biometrics and use all the benefits to your advantage!

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