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Cloud-based Punch Time Clocks and Systems

Punch time clocks and systems have been around for quite some time. These devices are used for tracking employee attendance and working hours. Employees are required to clock in and out of a time clock system, thereby enabling the accurate monitoring of hours worked and the calculation of wages thereof. The system also assists the HR in other employee management activities, such as leave management.

Trends in Punch Time Clocks and Systems
Few organizations still resort to the conventional methods of tracking employee attendance through punch cards and punch machines. However, these devices are susceptible to erroneous calculation of employee payroll. Modern time clocks come with a wide range of diverse features to meet the needs of varied organizations. For instance, web-based systems are more feasible for ‘virtual offices’ with employees scattered in different parts of the world. For the medium- to large- brick and mortar organizations with physical office spaces, automated time punching devices, such as barcode tags, magnetic stripe cards, electronic tags, biometrics and touchscreens may be used for clocking-in and out.

Why Use Punch Time Clocks and Systems?

Every year, businesses lose almost $150 billion owing to false monitoring and reporting of time, as per the American Payroll Association estimates. Practices, such as buddy punching can cost up to 8% of the company payroll. Efficient punch time clocks and systems rule out such possibilities by implementing foolproof methods of tracking employee attendance.

How Cloud-based Punch Time Clocks and Systems Work: MinuteHound

MinuteHound offers a patented cloud-based time clocking system that provides relief to the company payroll. It’s a system that pays for itself. A fingerprint scanner is used for biometric identification of the employee who clocks-in or out. When the data is matched, MinuteHound tracks the time and notifies the employee. But it doesn’t end here. The tracked time is immediately dispatched to MinuteHound’s cloud servers via the Internet. This data can then be extracted by the concerned system administrators or managers. This leaves no room for time theft. MinuteHound offers solutions for small and large business alike.

RFID Attendance System is Fingerprint TechnologyMinuteHound also enables managers to generate meaningful reports on employee attendance and other management activities. Payroll calculation gets overly simplified. Through rigorous monitoring measures, such as SMS-based alerts, employee attendance standards can also be improved.

Choosing the Right Punch Time Clocks and Systems
Business owners should opt for punch time clocks and systems that make lives easier for them. Minimizing theft, reducing costs and accurately determining employee wages are key essentials that make cloud-based punch time clocks and systems, such as MinuteHound so popular among clients.

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