Punching A Time Clock The Easy Way- Fingerprint Clocking In and Out

No More Punching a Time Clock with MinuteHound

Punching a time clock when checking in or out at work can be a real hassle. In addition to simply being an outdated form of clocking in, time clocks make it easy for employees to steal time from your company. By simply asking a co-worker to start punching a time clock in or out for them, they are regularly able to leave work early or arrive late without you ever knowing about it. Instead of dealing with time theft and the common issues that these out-dated time clocks can create, MinuteHound gives you the ability to take advantage of brand-new, state-of-the-art technology that eliminates these problems.

Punching a Time Clock Issues
Punching a time clock can create real problems within your company. Time theft is among one of the most common and problematic issues that many companies are faced with. In addition, punching a time clock in and out on a regular basis can be quite costly, as you will need to invest in different materials such as time clock paper and more. If you feel that punching a time clock is becoming a real hassle and problem for your company, it’s time to upgrade by using top of the line software and technology available only from MinuteHound.

The MinuteHound Difference
Say goodbye to punching a time clock on a daily basis and instead use your own fingerprints to clock in and out of the system. Biometric fingerprint technology eliminates time theft from the workplace as the employee must use his or her own fingerprint each time that they arrive at or leave the work facility. Easily track the time and attendance of each one of your employees no matter where you are located.

100% Secure Cloud Based Time Clock SoftwareThis cloud-based system makes it simple to go online and access live time clock reporting from anywhere that you receive an internet connection. In addition, you can be notified when an employee arrives late to work or does not show up for their shift by text message or email alerts. With no time cards needed, you’ll never have to worry about punching a time clock ever again.

MinuteHound is also completely easy to use for even those who are technology challenged. No training or guidance is needed in order to use the software as it is available in a plug and play format, ready to work upon installation. In addition, round the clock support is available for clients to take advantage of if they experience any questions or concerns regarding their MinuteHound software. Try MinuteHound risk free today with absolutely no obligation and see what your company has been missing out on!

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