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The Amazing Time Clock by MinuteHound

One of the biggest challenges employers face in this day-and-age is the balance between enforceable productivity and employee rights. Companies want to make sure they are getting the time owed to them while making sure those employed are treated fairly and respectfully. For this reason MinuteHound was designed. The best biometric time clock review points out that MinuteHound is the full solution: the time clock, software, and around the clock support.

Possibly boasting the best biometric time clock review online, MinuteHound’s innovative fingerprint tracking system allows employees to sign in from individual workplaces. Their unique biological patterns are instantly converted into 128-bit encrypted numbers. These numbers are transferred to 4 servers, heavily secured and located on different continents. One of the benefits of this patented system comes from the encrypted number storage, rather than fingerprints themselves. This allows employee privacy, and thus trust, to be protected from harm.

While it might be difficult to expect more than that from a time system with the best biometric time clock review online, employee clock-in times are also accessible from any internet connected location. Email and text alerts are available for managers as well while detailed time-and-attendance reports will help management conduct efficient and error free payroll.

Biometrics Stop Fraud: Best Biometric Time Clock Review

Accuracy is essential to MinuteHound’s Time Clock program. This reliability has garnered the product the best biometric time clock review. Because the system relies on biometric data that cannot be duplicated, time fraud is exponentially reduced. No more friends clocking in for another employee. No more undocumented late arrivals. MinuteHound will ensure time and attendance policies remain both fair and neutral for employers and employees.

As stated in the best biometric time clock review on the web, the biometric scanning process has been proven as a cost-effective, highly useful method for time and attendance. Also stated in the best biometric time clock review for the product, MinuteHound’s digital record keeping capabilities completely eliminate the need for a complex system to file endless hardcopy forms. Digital record keeping as secure as MinuteHound also reduces the need to hire or overwork payroll personnel.

Biometrics Stop Fraud and Time TheftWhile employers and payroll professionals will benefit greatly from this biometric time and attendance system with the best biometric time clock review on the web, workers will also find the interface incredibly easy and beneficial. MinuteHound time clock software and hardware requires an automatic, plug-and-play installation. Simply attaching the bio scanner to a computer terminal via USB is all it takes to start operating the system from the user’s standpoint.

Employees will also find the record storage capabilities handy should any discrepancies or mistakes arise by the hands of payroll. This factor was a large contributor to MinuteHound receiving the best biometric time clock review in some time. Truly, MinuteHound is an amazing system.

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