Punching Machine For Attendance: Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock

Flawless Time Tracking: Punching Machine for Attendance

Listen to an all too familiar story. You have two employees that are very good friends, so they make a deal. Let’s give them names for ease of identification – Employee One is Mary Jane, Employee Two is Darcee. Mary Jane has trouble getting to work on time, so Darcee punches her in at the time clock every day exactly at 8:00 a.m., but Mary Jane doesn’t actually arrive until 8:15 a.m. usually. Then, Darcee leaves at 4:45 p.m. to beat the traffic, and Mary Jane punches her friend out at 5:00 p.m. Both girls are paid $10.00 an hour.

If they work a five-day week, assuming than an average of 4 weeks are in a month, they have cost the company an estimated $112.50 in pay for time not spent in the workplace. Not to mention that, assuming these two individuals actually produced product, answered telephones, or did customer service during their day, the loss of productivity that your company incurred because of fraud.

Unfortunately, often when employees perform this act, other employees see the result and this can become an epidemic in your company. Conventional time clocks with cards do not guard your business from this type of theft whereas MinuteHound’s punching machine for attendance can verify actual individuals involved.

Stop Time Fraud with A Biometric Punching Machine For Attendance

To prevent this type of loss, the use of biometric punching machine for attendance makes sense. MinuteHound makes the most efficient and easiest method of controlling employee access and providing time accountability in your workplace. They are able to address the needs of any size business affordably.

MinuteHound punching machine for attendance operate using a standard PC and take no more computer expertise than surfing the web. The employees check in with their unique fingerprint, entered by one of your office workers. This eliminates the possibilities of another person checking in for one of your employees. The office manager can set up schedules using MinuteHound time clock software, thus preventing unauthorized overtime by creating alerts to notify managers in real time.

Let MinuteHound Guide You To Savings!Furthermore, paydays can be expedited. The MinuteHound punching machine for attendance generates crystal clear time and attendance reports. These detailed records are available to managers 24/7 and can be downloaded at anytime. This eliminates the difficulties of collecting time cards, reading each card and determining attendance. No more manual counting.

Punching Machine For Attendance: Save More Time and Money

Since the information created by MinuteHound’s punching machine for attendance is stored online in the Cloud, you can check employees attendance and responsibility online easily. This could be exceptionally useful in the case of the daycare industry, which requires a certain ratio of individuals to children. The punching machine for attendance could be used to account for daily usage by parents and children also. The advantage of this is that it is possible to verify the individual using the punching machine for attendance for checking in and out. This could improve security.

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