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Streamline Human Resources with A Time Punch Calculator

Using a time punch calculator offers a number of benefits. The new system from MinuteHound is made to save owners money, and it confronts several key issues. Because the time punch calculator is based on fingerprints, it cuts many common forms of abuse on the job. For the easiest management, MinuteHound is made with its own Web-based portal. Alerts keep managers informed and ensure that there are enough workers on hand to finish any job.

At the heart of the MinuteHound system is a fingerprint scanner. The device captures employee fingerprints as they arrive for their shift. The time punch calculator can cut fraud by making sure that no workers clock in for another. Owners also have a way to eliminate theft from the workplace. Estimates suggest that fraud can add up to 10 percent to total payroll costs. MinuteHound’s time punch calculator addresses this issue. For this reason, the device can quickly pay for itself.

Easy Installation
By working with current network components, the time punch calculator from MinuteHound is made to reduce deployment costs. The scanning device connects with a standard USB cord. The six-foot cord is compatible with desktops, and an optional extension provides additional coverage that is more than 50 feet. These features make installation easy and save management time.

Web-Based Portal
To manage human resources, the time punch calculator has its own portal. Access is available from remote locations, so owners can get information from their home. Regular alerts are also provided with the system. Text messages give details about shifts that are missed. This allows managers to find a replacement worker before productivity is threatened. Records and reports are also kept of past data and offer insight into the proper amount of labor. This feature of the MinuteHound time punch calculator reduces expenses and assures that the right people are in place at the proper time.

Customizable Time Punch Calculator
Time Punch Calculator Offers Business ProtectionMinuteHound has made their time punch calculator with a host of features that make it perfect for any setting. In the service sector, managers can access reports. These contain the details that make payroll processing easier. Data about the hours that are worked by each employee is readily available. This can cut down on the costs of preparing checks. It also makes sure that accurate checks are always issued.

Installing a time punch calculator from MinuteHound is an ideal way to reduce payroll expenses while improving overall productivity. Fraud is common on most jobs, and biometric clocks are an ideal way to address the problem. Additionally, making sure that tardiness is confronted is essential, and using a time clock that provides text message alerts makes it easy to quickly assign proper staff members.

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