Put an End to Employee Time Theft – Take Control

MinuteHound Saves Companies Money

MinuteHound is changing the way businesses track time. Their innovative technology allows employers and employees to be more productive by stopping employee time theft. This software is the wave of the future and is now available to all sized businesses.

Fingerprint Recognition
The MinuteHound time clock is based around a fingerprint recognition program that eliminates employee time theft. The procedure consists of the finger being scanned when clocking-in and out. The fingerprint itself is then turned into an encrypted number. The data is stored on secure servers that are located in different places around the world.

Privacy Assurance
The privacy of each employee is assured because of the encrypted 128-bit fragmented number. It cannot be traced back to the individual person. Employees feel confident knowing their information is safe. Companies also find that pay roll and employee time theft is one of the costliest aspects of their business. MinuteHound software is able to decrease those costs and put the money back into the company. Reports are generated in real time and can be retrieved from anywhere that has internet access.

Save Time in Real Time!

The real time option allows supervisors to monitor employee time theft from remote locations. It gives them control over the situation in a prompt and productive manner. The official reports give all the information needed when preparing payroll. Time is money in the business world and MinuteHound makes processing payroll a breeze. The employee time theft prevention process keeps records current and correct. Web based internet allows users to get updated email alerts per their request.

Managing the Business
Detailed information and reports are available any time of the day or night. A properly managed business needs an employee time theft plan that stops it at the source. Setting up the MinuteHound time clock is quick and easy.

Get Started

fingerprint attendance system, learn the secrets
Signing up with MinuteHound is risk free, and each scanner comes with a 100% money back guarantee. They are shipped directly to the business within just a few days. The customer starts saving money through employee time theft prevention from the very first day. The business just has to plug in the USB scanner, download the software, and get started. The names of each employee must be entered into the system along with a finger scan. That is all that is required to stop employee time theft. There is no extra training needed.

The entire system only costs pennies a day to operate, and is the perfect way to eliminate employee time theft. The state-of-the-art Biometric identification process tracks the comings and goings of each employee. All updates are done free of charge. MinuteHound is the right way for businesses to save time and money.

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