The Cure For Time Theft In The Workplace

What is Time Theft?

Time theft is the bad practice of employees padding hours, covering for each other, and basically lying about how many hours they worked per pay period. Time theft has many forms but mostly it happens in environments that allow buddy punching or having a system where friends at work can clock each other in and out. Time theft is a plague on just about every company, large or small. Taking a longer lunch break than usual or leaving early but marking down close of business is time theft. Employers simply overpay their staff without even knowing it, or in most cases, without having a way way to prove it. MinuteHound’s biometric time clock puts an end to this and all forms of fraud are over. In every example MinuteHound has found, by using biometrics in the workplace is the common and deadly cure for employees who are prone and practicing the bad habit of time theft.

The way to stop time theft and fraud is to simply not allow it. That does not mean hiring an extra manager to keep track of them but simply using the technology available. The old forms of time and attendance are just that; old. Today’s business needs tomorrows technology. Succeeding in business is hard enough, let alone the worry of employees stealing as well. Using a biometric time clock to first authenticate then record is the surefire recipe for success. Workers can only get paid for time they actually worked.

Is Stopping Time Theft Difficult?

Not at all. MinuteHound charges just $1.00 per employee in order to use this technology. Whenever someone records time, all that data is then transferred using 128-bit encryption into the cloud. Employers can login from anywhere, at anytime to check on their staff, edit reports, submit payroll, and many other tools. MinuteHound even allows for text/email alerts to be sent out should an employee miss a shift or try to leave work early. You don’t even have to be onsite to track employees. Everything is cloud based. The old expression of “when the boss is away the employees will play” is now null and void. This technology keeps everyone in line and honest. Whether a manager is there or not is irrelevant as MinuteHound works around the clock on behalf of the employer.

MinuteHound’s biometric time clock is very easy to use and setup. This system is working in every industry you can think of as no matter what the business, employees have to be paid. Employers want to only pay what they deserve. MinuteHound will provide crystal clear reports with all the hours already calculated for you. Try MinuteHound today and by tomorrow, time theft will be gone!

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