What is Buddy Punching? All Your Questions Are Answered Right Here!

What is Buddy Punching?

“Hey Jen, I’m running a little late this morning. Swipe me in please?”
“Fine, but you owe me lunch,” Jennifer replies.
“Sure, thanks a bunch!”

Jennifer then logs Greg into their company’s old time card system using his employee ID number and password. What Jen agreed to do for her co-worker is the practice of “buddy punching.” She felt great that she could do such an easy thing to make Greg like her. Unfortunately, she holds no such sympathetic feeling toward her employer.

HR managers and small-business owners, gather around to hear a tiresome poem about employee misconduct. You may or may not have ever asked “what is buddy punching?” We shall turn it into a lyrical poem for your educational pleasure. So, without further ado, let us sum up the rest of our tragic poem about the deplorable practice:

Buddy Punching and Payroll Fraud Examples

What is buddy punching? A common form of employee-theft due to inadequate and outdated time card systems. I say, “what is buddy punching?” A practice employees can easily be tempted to do for their friends. But I must ask again, “what is buddy punching?” Something 75% of all companies are afflicted by, according to the American Payroll Association. Oh, “what is buddy punching?” Something which the APA study also showed made up for over 2% of a company’s total payroll. Can you tell me, “what is buddy punching?” A practice which can be prevented by biometric software, which commonly relies on a worker’s fingerprints to log-in. Let me hear again, “what is buddy punching?” Unfortunately, just one of many problems caused by last-century’s time card technology. Wait, we are almost at the end, so tell me one last time, “What is buddy punching?” Something which you will never, ever have to ask about or hear again if you purchase a biometric time clock.

Stop Employees From Stealing Time at Work!But seriously, using the right payroll system can end headaches like these forever. MinuteHound’s biometric time clock is one of the easiest and most secure payroll systems out there. Not only does it have a convenient system where an employee signs in with his or her finger, but all data is stored securely on a cloud-storage system, away from both workers and hackers. Its biometric time clock not only eliminates buddy punching, but also time-card error, time-clock manipulation, and unapproved overtime.

Solving Buddy Punching is Easy

All good business products not only solve problems head-on, but also increase efficiency in other areas. For example, MinuteHound’s biometric time clock can generate automatic payroll reports, and it has a real-time alert system which goes off if an employee shows up late. MinuteHound also does not require a separate, dedicated computer to run. Since it runs quietly in the background, it can be installed on any work computer.

It really is the future of time and attendance.

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