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Some part of you might be wondering why you need to buy time clock services at all. After all, why should you buy time clock services when you have a perfectly good time sheet system? The truth of the matter is that your time sheet system is less effective than you think it is, and it is only with a little bit of extra work that MinuteHound can come in to save the day! When you are ready to buy time clock services that really work, see what MinuteHound has to offer.

What Is MinuteHound?
Before you decide to buy time clock services from MinuteHound, you need to know what it is going to do. Essentially, when you buy time clock services from this company, you receive devices that attach to each work machine you have and the software to run them. When an employee comes in to work, they will simply pass their fingerprint over the device, which uses their fingerprint to identify them. Then they are logged in and ready to work! This is not something that they can fake, and it is not a situation where someone can clock someone else in. This reduces or even eliminates all of the error that can occur in payroll

Buy Time Clock Services for More Accurate Reporting
When an employee swipes their fingerprint, that information goes straight to a secure site on the cloud. With cloud services keeping track, you’ll find that you can quickly discover what is going on, who is logged in and who is present and working. Because this cloud service is accessible from any computer with an Internet connection, you will be able to figure out a lot of information whenever you need it.

Manage Your Company
MinuteHound versus RFID Time ClockHere’s a wonderful thing if you want to think about how you can buy time clock services. Think about having all of the information necessary to decide whether there are too many or too few people working. No matter where you are, you can figure out how many people are on. By working with the program, you can show it how to tell you that you need more workers on the floor or that you need to take some people away. This is something that can really improve your efficiency and your ability to work!

The American Payroll Association reports between 2 to 8 percent savings for companies that use MinuteHound. Instead of throwing money away on payroll errors, you can instead look for solutions that will help you excel. MinuteHound offers amazing benefits for people who know how to use it! MinuteHound also offers technical support around the clock seven days a week in order to ensure the success of every client.

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