RFID Based Attendance System Vs. Biometrics Time and Attendance

What is an RFID Based Attendance System?

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification. Systems that use RFID usually consist of tags that can be read by RFID devices. When the tags are read, then the information that is gathered is automatically uploaded to a cloud or other web-based storage system. This information can be utilized to track whatever the tag is attached to’s progress from one point to another.

How Does an RFID Based Attendance System Work?
An RFID based attendance system works by having everyone who needs to be counted at a location, such as employees at a job, to scan a tag that is on their person. This tag will be read by the RFID scanner and the time at which it was read recorded and saved to a cloud. This is helpful because it allows the tag to be scanned with minimal effort from the person who needs to clock in or out or simply be counted as “present.”

What is a Biometric Attendance System?
A biometric attendance system is a clocking system that allows employees to scan a part of their bodies, usually a fingerprint, in order to clock in and out for shifts. They are easy to use and minimize the amount of errors that are usually suffered.

How Does a Biometric Attendance System Work?
A biometric attendance system works by having each employee scan his or her fingerprint when he or she clocks into a shift, and again when he or she clocks out to go home. The user, which is discerned from the fingerprint that was scanned, and the time that the print was scanned will automatically be entered in a database that is stored in a cloud. This information will be used for payroll purposes. A notification will be sent to the employer if an employee should clock in too late or out too early.

There are several different similarities between an RFID based attendance system and a biometric attendance system, but the most striking is the fact that they are both able to reduce time theft.

An RFID based attendance system is able to reduce time theft by having the tags be automatically read when a person walks into a building. A person who is attempting to buddy-punch, or clock in for a friend, will have a much more difficult time doing so. Biometric attendance systems will make it difficult for buddy-punching to occur because there are no components, passwords, or punch cards to steal. Another similarity is that the information that is recorded by each is automatically uploaded into a cloud so that it can be used later.

Secure Biometric Cloud ComputingA biometric attendance system is much more cost effective than an RFID based attendance system. This is because an RFID based attendance system scans automatically and is therefore running all the time. The biometric attendance system is only activated when a person needs to scan his or her fingerprint.

Another difference is that the biometric attendance system completely gets rid of the chances of time theft, whereas the RFID based attendance system merely reduces the chances that it will occur. This subtle difference can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars over an extended period of time. The last difference is that the biometric attendance system sends notifications regarding mistimed clock ins and outs, but the RFID based attendance system does not yet have such a system developed.

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