RFID Employee Tracking Vs. Biometric Time and Attendance – Results

RFID Employee Tracking Systems Fail to Meet Employer Needs

Competent business owners know that time and attendance tracking is about more than tracking employee hours. You also want to know when an employee clocks in late so that you can take steps to correct an employee that doesn’t follow the rules. If an employee shows up late, chances are they are taking shortcuts in other ways too. Using a time clock to require an employee to clock in helps reduce theft, but it also sets the stage for the work day. An employee that knows there are rules performs better and does a better job during the work day. RFID employee tracking systems work well to ensure that an employee clocks in on time, but they can also be more trouble than they are worth.

RFID Employee Tracking: Who Clocked In?
One of the problems with an RFID employee tracking system is that it only tracks the device carried by the employee to clock in or out. It doesn’t tell you that the employee arrived on time. It also doesn’t tell you for certain who clocked in. MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock does provide this information and it requires the person to be physically present to clock in or out. Notifications can get sent to the manager or owner to let them know when an employee arrives or leaves.

Security Flaws with an RFID Employee Tracking System
New and Improved Time Stamp MachineIf there is ever an error with the system, a fingerprint time clock still allows a manager to adjust the time, but the owner is going to know that the employee did not clock in using the reader. Another issue is that RFID employee tracking systems aren’t reliable or safe. Anybody with an RFID reader can walk past one of your employees and scan the details of an RFID employee tracking system card or badge. This puts your employee and company at risk. With MinuteHound, there is no need to worry about security risks since the employee uses nothing but their fingerprint to clock in and out. Information gets stored on the server safely using 128-bit encryption.

Getting to the Root With RFID Employee Tracking
If there is ever a break in or other type of robbery. An RFID employee tracking system doesn’t provide information that might be needed by law enforcement officials. A manager that requires employees to use a fingerprint reader to clock in can sign in online and check to see who clocked in and is working. This gives law enforcement a better idea of who was working in the event of a robbery and can also tell them how many employee hostages there are in the unfortunate event that such a situation happens. Even barring these extreme scenarios, the ability to look up who was working and know for certain that the employee was at work can help a manager deal with work-related issues more effectively by knowing for certain that an employee was working during any number of potential incidents.

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