Attendance System Using RFID- Biometric Technology Vs Others

3 Reasons to Stop Using an Attendance System Using RFID

An attendance system using RFID technology creates cost, security, portability and privacy concerns for your company. You need a time and attendance system that doesn’t rely on inventory and that allows you to monitor your business from any location. MinuteHound is well aware of the needs of business, schools and organizations. They provide a time and attendance system that doesn’t rely on faulty badges, cards and poor systems that can be taken advantage of by employees.

The cost of an attendance system using RFID requires you to take into account the cost of creating new badges and cards. An attendance system using RFID technology requires you to keep extra badges and cards on hand if an employee loses their card. You also have to deactivate the old card and take the time to set up or transfer the existing information in the system. The cost of an attendance system using RFID goes up each time you hire a new employee, waste time programming an existing employees information or need to upgrade the systems and cards when a newer system comes out.

Internet Based Time TrackingAn attendance system using RFID doesn’t protect your business from time theft. Employees can give their cards to another employee to clock them out if they decide to leave early. Time theft is one of the biggest payroll expenses a business can incur. Over the course of a year, a few minutes here and there can add up to a large amount of money. Another issue with an attendance system using RFID technology is the way in which information is stored. Attendance systems using RFID require employees to carry cards or badges. These cards can be read by RFID scanners from a few feet to several feet away. Any information on those cards can be stolen by thieves. A fingerprint reader provided by MinuteHound provides none of these risks.

An attendance system using RFID requires specific environmental conditions. Because of this, you can’t simply move the system to a new location and it requires a professional installation. You can’t take an attendance system using RFID to meetings, conventions or work events that don’t occur at the office. A fingerprint reader can be used anywhere you have an Internet connection and computer. Simply plug the device in, have your employee scan their thumbprint and avoid the hassles that come with bulky RFID systems. With companies that don’t always work in the same location, simply bring along your fingerprint reader to clock employees in regardless of where your work takes you. Also, you can view when an employee clocks in or out and get notifications by email, text message or both when an employee clocks in late, early, or doesn’t clock in at all.

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