Software As A Service: SaaS Time And Attendance For All Size Business

Why SaaS Time And Attendance Is What Your Business Needs

Regardless of how your business makes a profit, or how small or large your workforce, SasS time and attendance from MinuteHound is your best option for success. SaaS time and attendance is a breakthrough in technology. Basically, instead of buying a big bulky machine or changing your IT setup; SaaS time and attendance is a unique delivery method which stores and retrieves information from a central location. This way, your able to cut costs, increase savings, and all the while make your life easier and more efficient. No upfront investments. SaaS time and attendance is robust and will reduce your overall IT architecture. From the smallest to the largest companies, MinuteHound’s advanced SaaS time and attendance system will completely transform and upgrade your business.

SaaS time and attendance solutions from MinuteHound is advanced, however so simple and easy to use. After you setup an account, a biometric fingerprint scanner is sent to you. Now here is how the system works: After you receive the scanner, all you have to do is plug it in. SaaS time and attendance now takes over. The step by step instructions are easy to follow and understand. It takes about ten minutes or less. You register your employees and every time they arrive, leave or take breaks a swipe of their finger is all that’s required. SaaS time and attendance is how large corporations save so much money and time in regards to staff management and payroll. This advanced system is now available to all companies.

SaaS Time And Attendance Is Scalable

If your company grows or downsizes, MinuteHound’s SaaS time and attendance is by your side. Your company is unique, and should be treated as such. The beauty behind MinuteHound is the price points. You pay per month, not up front. There is no long term commitments and you can cancel at anytime. At $1.00 per employee, this SaaS time and attendance solution fits any and all businesses. You can add locations/branches at $5.00 and change your plan whenever you need to. MinuteHound’s SaaS time and attendance solution is not only the most advanced, but also the most cost effective option on the market. It’s a win-win on every level.

SaaS Time And Attendance From MinuteHoundSaaS time and attendance is safe, secure, and 100% accurate. Risk is reduced, as MinuteHound is more secure than most client installed applications. Every time your staff clock in or out, that time is recorded live down to the second. Your able to log on from anywhere and track your employee movement. Think of it as online web tracking. Your no longer confined to your office, as with SaaS time and attendance your office is now virtual. In addition no fingerprint images are ever stored. All prints are broken down into numbers and transferred with 128-bit encryption to offsite servers. If you ever suffer from any type of fire, water, or smoke damage your information will always be fine. Peace of mind for you, and your staff.

Improve Accessibility, Eliminate Training With SaaS Time And Attendance

From any Internet connection in the world, you have access. The world wide web is a powerful tool, every company should use it to their advantage. With SaaS time and attendance you can take control and let MinuteHound power your company into tomorrow and beyond. There is no training or downtime. If you ever need assistance of any kind, you have it. Round the clock support ensures your success. SaaS time and attendance allows you to stop worrying about payroll, and start focusing on your business. Make the switch to SaaS time and attendance from MinuteHound today, and upgrade your business forever.

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