Fingerprint Clocking In Uses A Biometric USB Scanner. Low Cost

Why Fingerprint Clocking In Benefits Your Business

If your not currently using biometrics in your workplace; your losing money. This is a fact. Companies that do not have a fingerprint clocking in procedure in place are wasting valuable time and resources. Every year American businesses lose an estimated $148 billion dollars all due to payroll abuse, fraud, and mistakes. That is billions of dollars literally thrown away. By simply updating to modern technology, your able to get the latest fingerprint clocking in solution. Not only modern, but in just about all cases more cost effective, robust, and powerful. Fingerprint clocking in guarantees accuracy, rids your reports of errors, and holds employees accountable for their actions.

To begin with think of the current system you have in place. All companies have some method of time and attendance. Time cards, sheets, pins, passwords and badges are the most common form. All of these methods are outdated and serve no purpose anymore. Technology has made great strides to improve the way a business manages their workforce. Fingerprint clocking in is one example of these great strides. When your staff shows up to work, they place their finger on the scanner. When they leave or take breaks, it is the same process. No more wondering if your employees are doing the right thing, for you know they are. Cheating is not possible with MinuteHound’s fingerprint clocking in system.

How Fingerprint Clocking In Works For Your Business

The first step is to simply sign up and create an account with MinuteHound. After your account is setup, a state of the art biometric fingerprint scanner is mailed to you. Typically within 2-3 days and ships free. Once you receive the scanner, you simply plug it into any USB slot. The time clock software is downloaded and takes about 10 minutes or less to install. Now, the fingerprint clocking in system is finally in place. The scanner itself is the size of a computer mouse. Nothing is stored locally which means any computer is fine and will work. MinuteHound is cloud based, which simply means information is stored and saved offsite. Fingerprint clocking in is the best way for your business to save on costs. No additional equipment is required. No supplies or inventory to manage or keep track of.

Fingerprint Clocking In From MinuteHound. Take The Next Step TodayMinuteHound’s fingerprint clocking in system records information in real time. Designated managers are able to log on and view employee activity from any internet connection in the world. You are no longer tied to being at the office. Since fingerprint clocking in uses biometrics, you already know your reports are accurate. Payroll is automatic and stress free. Best of all, no more manual counting or adding numbers. Employees will only be paid for time worked, over or under paying will not happen. Fingerprint clocking in saves managers time, money, and aggravation.

Fingerprint Clocking In Is Paperless

Not only is MinuteHound’s fingerprint clocking in system paperless, but easy to use. There is no training or downtime required. No learning curves to overcome or master. Fingerprint clocking in is a true, tested, and proven solution for your business. It is low-cost and highly effective. The size of your business does not matter, for fingerprint clocking in works for everyone. If your looking to dramatically change your office, put more money in the bank, and automate daily managerial tasks; MinuteHound’s fingerprint clocking in system is exactly what your looking for.

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