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The School Attendance System Offers Instant Whereabouts

Do you know where your children are? Whether your a teacher or a parent, that question means more now than ever before. The school attendance system provides many benefits, including knowing where students are located. It works in any environment, and at any grade level. Roll call is 100% accurate. The school attendance system uses biometrics to guarantee accuracy in reporting. Originally developed for the military, the technology behind the school attendance system is state of the art. At anytime, a system administrator can log-in from any web browser and look up student information, location, and check attendance.

The school attendance system works by having a student place their finger on a small scanner upon entering and exiting the classroom. Whether for children or college students, a simple swipe is all it takes to verify attendance and get class started. It takes less than 2 seconds for a print to be verified, and MinuteHound’s scanner has the highest accuracy rating in the industry. This saves so much time for teachers and administrators. 100% error free attendance reports. The school attendance system from MinuteHound makes daily functions easier and more efficient.

Safety And Security With MinuteHound’s School Attendance Program

MinuteHound’s school attendance system has a unique process of how a fingerprint is read and stored. When the student places his/her fingerprint on the scanner, the print is immediately broken down. No image is ever stored, but split into numbers and spread across offsite servers. Information is 100% safe. Even if someone stole the computer or scanner itself it would not matter. Information is never stored on site or locally. The school attendance system is powered by cloud technology. This also offers the advantage of being able to pull reports from anywhere.

When a student enters a classroom and scans their fingerprint, their location is recorded live. This way, in case of emergency there is no waiting game. You will know exactly where they were located at the time. The school attendance system is very easy to use and understand. It does not take any technical knowledge to operate. It is very user friendly and students and teachers alike prefer fingerprints to pen and paper.

The School Attendance System Is An Easy Decision

With live time tracking, how can you go wrong? Not only can no student cover or sign-in for one another, but safety is also present. The school attendance system allows for easy access of attendance records. If a student is tardy, the times will be shown. Call MinuteHound today at 1-800-351-7231 to discuss your options!

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