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Simple Attendance Software Helps Save Money Every Day

Every day this year, millions of dollars will disappear from the U.S. economy thanks to “time theft.” Time theft happens whenever an employee is paid for hours he or she didn’t work. Coming in late or leaving early can be acts of time theft. Time theft isn’t always intentional, but solving the problem is never an accident! Ending time theft means you need to have the best attendance software on your side. Simple attendance software from MinuteHound is the right choice.

Simple Attendance Software is Best
When buying enterprise software, a slick sales pitch often hides problems. If you’re not careful, you might choose a product meant to generate money for a software company without giving you value. Other software companies feel that “a treatment is worth more than a cure.” At MinuteHound, our team created simple attendance software anyone can use. We want to make it easy to end time theft! You don’t need a technical team to install our fingerprint reader or our software. Plus, the data you get with simple attendance software from MinuteHound is designed for anyone to understand.

How Our Simple Attendance Software Stops Time Thieves
There are two aspects to stopping time thieves:

— Making time theft as tough as you can
— Making attendance easy to track

MinuteHound’s simple attendance software does both. No One Can Fake a Fingerprint. With our fingerprint scanner, it becomes all but impossible for anyone to punch in or punch out for another worker. Even if you never look at a MinuteHound attendance report, half the work is done! Fingerprints have been used by law enforcement officers to identify people since 1892. Now, the technology to track and identify workers by their fingerprints is ready for your office.

You might be surprised how easy it is to trick or hack most attendance software. Our simple attendance software is easy for you to use and hard for others to deceive. The odds of any two people having identical fingerprints are one in 64 billion!

Checking Attendance is Easier Than Ever
Plug and Play Punch ClockThere’s no point having attendance software if nobody can use it. MinuteHound software is designed to be useful to anyone with any background. You can review attendance records for the day, week or month from an Internet connection anywhere in the world.

Don’t worry, though: You don’t even need to log in to benefit from MinuteHound. Take a minute or two extra to set up automatic alerts. That way, you’ll know as soon as someone fails to show up for a shift. Now, that’s simple attendance software! Time is of the essence, so stop time theft today. Contact MinuteHound to learn how.

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Biometric Time Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Simple Attendance Software.

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