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Why Your Business Should Have a Biometric Time Attendance Device

In business, time is money, so employers want to keep records of their employees’ working hours that are as accurate as possible. Whereas traditional time clock systems leave room for time theft and misreporting, a biometric time attendance device like MinuteHound can help employers keep accurate and timely records.

What’s wrong with traditional time clock systems?
A traditional time clock system relies heavily on the honor system to punch in and out of work. Employees can manipulate the time cards of friends and co-workers if one of them will be late, needs to leave early, or is taking a long lunch. The person being paid doesn’t not need to physically be there to clock in or out, and this process leads employees to take advantage of what is called “time theft,” “unapproved overtime” or “buddy punching.”

For example, let’s look at the case of two employees, Sarah and Jude. Sarah has a vacation planned with her family and will be leaving Friday after work. However, she realizes Friday during her work hours that she’s forgotten to pack several important things. Rather than delay her family from leaving that evening, Sarah asks Jude to punch out for her; she slips out when the manager’s not around, and Jude clocks out for Sarah at her usual quitting time. Sarah gets paid for those hours she is at home packing, but the time clock system reports her at work due to Jude’s “buddy punching.”

How do you use a biometric time attendance device?
Installing MinuteHound in your business’ computer system is quick and simple. Once the software has been put onto the computer, have each of the employees scan one finger on the included pad. This process only takes about sixty seconds per employee.

Once the system is up and running, managers and business owners can track their employees in real time. Employers can choose to send a text message to late or absent employees to alert them of their status on the biometric time attendance device.

What are the benefits of a biometric time attendance device?
MinuteHound Fingerprint Time ClockA biometric time attendance device holds employees accountable for the time that they are at work. Since their time cards–and thus, their pay–are linked to their fingerprints, employees cannot punch in or out for another employee. The American Payroll Association reports that a cloud-based biometric time attendance device like MinuteHound can cut an average payroll cost by up to 8%

The biometric time attendance device by MinuteHound also allows a manager or business owner an instantaneous, real time snapshot of who is at work and who isn’t. The system also alerts managers when an incorrect number of employees is clocked in. MinuteHound offers a risk free, money back guarantee on its biometric time attendance device; if you’re not happy with MinuteHound, return the product. MinuteHound will pay for the return shipping.

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