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How To Use The Payroll Web Clock

The payroll web clock from MinuteHound requires no training, no startup fees, and no obligations. After creating an account, you will have instant access to the system where you can enter your employees. They will receive an email with instructions on how to setup their account. Once they do this, they will have 24/7 worldwide access to record their time, check their timecards, print reports, etc. They have the lowest level of access and cannot change anything or view any other employees, but will have access to themselves only. The payroll web clock is perfect for any business as there is no equipment needed, any mobile or internet connect device will work.

There are five different permission levels in MinuteHound. This way you can setup different admins or even location managers if need be. You can create as many branches and departments as you would like as well. You can break down your staff and company to the lowest level for more accurate reporting. Run reports per location, as an entire company, or just per employee. Many different options to choose from. Also, the payroll web clock also a custom report feature which allows anyone to create a report with just the information they want! Match payroll formats or just get the information you need with nothing else.

Safety In Numbers – The Payroll Web Clock Method

Giving employees permission to clock in/out from their smartphones sounds like a lot of trust, however, with the payroll web clock each stamp comes with an IP address. This way, you know if they are at work or at the beach! You can also setup schedules in the system to track employees. So if someone is supposed to work 9 – 5 but never shows up, you can have an email and/or a text message to a single or multiple parties to notify. Will also let you know if they clocked in too late or too early. Many tools are included for the low price of just $1.00 per employee per month. From day one, the payroll web clock pays for itself!

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Time Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Payroll Web Clock.

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