Small Business Technology- Biometric Fingerprint Time and Attendance

Small Business Technology 101

Small business owners are the backbone of America. Over 95% of all businesses located in the United States are classified as small business operations. Although every company is different, the one common trait they all share is employees. Regardless of industry, product, service, or size; companies must pay their employees for time worked. That is where MinuteHound comes in. Small business technology has revamped the industry as so many different organizations need help reducing costs, and increasing savings. By using the latest and greatest small business technology, business owners are spending less.

Small business technology has many implications. Everything from gadgets to software, different companies use technology in various ways. What MinuteHound offers is biometric recognition. This means employees arrive to work, take breaks, and leave for the day by clocking-in and out with a finger or thumb. A simple swipe verifies attendance and records time. This methods is 100% effective at stopping buddy punching, payroll fraud, and bad habits. All forms of cheating are over. Employees can no longer arrive late or leave early, as MinuteHound records time live. Every minute is accounted for. This small business technology makes conducing payroll a breeze and stress free.

Small Business Technology- How it Works

Technology is only effective if someone knows how to use it right! MinuteHound clients benefit by having live technical support round the clock. Every problem and question is solved with a simple phone call. In order to utilize this small business technology all anyone has to do is create an account with MinuteHound. The biometric scanner that records times is shipped for free within 2-3 days. Once received, it simply needs to be plugged into any computer. The software is downloaded, and in under 10 minutes installation is complete. Simple, quick, and very user-friendly.

http://To register an employee takes about 1 minute. The employee simply places their finger on the scanner and records the print. Once and never again. Also keep in mind how advanced MinuteHound’s small business technology is. The fingerprint itself is never recorded. The finger or thumb print is broken down into numbers. All data transfers use 128-bit encryption, so information is never at risk. 100% safe to use on every level.

Small Business Technology- The Cloud and Costs

A new form of small business technology is greatly effecting all who use it. Cloud computing is the process of storing information at a universal location in order to retrieve it at anytime, from anywhere. This way, information is always protected, but at the same time easy to access. If the computer or scanner ever become damaged or stolen, information is always safe. Also, administrators can log-in at anytime to view/edit/modify reports. Cloud computing offers 24/7 access to check on employees and view times.

Although small business technology sounds expensive, it fits any budget. At $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location, ever company can afford this proven to work solution. It offers savings and higher efficiency. Small business technology benefits only those who use it, and with MinuteHound behind a company success is ensured! Start today and start saving from day one!

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