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Time Clock Software: A Change of Perspective

Time clock software and the tools that work with the software have greatly improved in the last few years. A company that still uses punch cards and time sheets needs to upgrade to a modern system. Old systems to track employee hours end up costing your company money in the long run. New systems can update managers, provide usable information for employee evaluations and can make managing schedules much simpler. Don’t settle for software and tools that break down and fail to provide a verifiable record of attendance for each employee. Time clock software takes up a significant amount of room in an office. Using old time clock software and equipment also consumes large amounts of paper and creates waste.

The Learning Curve
MinuteHound provides tools that any company can get up and running in a few minutes. Two factors guide our software and tools — simplicity and power. Managers don’t need training to learn to use the robust time and attendance system. With plug and play compatibility, you can get our biometric fingerprint reader set up in an instant. The data entered into the system gets sent securely to the cloud and is accessible anywhere.

Powerful Mobility
MinuteHound gives you powerful tools that won’t break down and that make connecting and logging attendance possible, even with a mobile office. You don’t need to manually enter hours at a later time if your company requires employees to work off site. Plug the USB cable into your computer and track your attendance. The time clock captures each fingerprint and logs each employee into the system. A manager can adjust each entry manually in case a mistake is made.

Time Clock Replacement
Thumbprint Time Clock ReviewsReplace your current time clock software and get advanced functions not available from our competitors. You can set up email notifications or text message alerts to let managers know when an employee arrives. This gives you peace of mind when you can’t get to the office. Unsure if your early morning employees are arriving on time? Check the records and take the necessary action to ensure that employees arrive on time for every shift. With advanced time clock software, you can remove the guesswork and get a better understanding of your company.

The fact is that the world is changing at an ever increasing pace. A company simply can’t afford to support outdated positions and entire departments devoted to time keeping. Checking paper-based time clock records and trying to detect fraud should not take up your much needed time. Digital fingerprint technology reduces errors, improves accuracy and securely manages your employee data using secure encryption that protects your data. Stop looking through paper time clock records, free up office space and get your company working with less equipment and headaches.

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