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What is the Best Time Attendance Management System Available?

Are you looking for an easy and efficient time attendance management system? What if you could view the attendance of your employees in real-time, anytime of the day and save on payroll costs? MinuteHound is the perfect solution for outdated payroll methods. MinuteHound is a time attendance management system that uses fingerprint technology so employees clock-in and out with their finger.

MinuteHound’s time attendance management system is great for businesses of any size because it is easy to use. MinuteHound provides security and saves money. This system is great because the time clock is limited to one computer. The software can be installed on any computer and it will not affect the use of the computer. Once the software is installed, simply enroll your employees and your new attendance system is ready to go! You can view hours of employees in real-time on any device that connects to the internet. Plus, you can set up customized alerts so management can receive important updates regarding important schedule changes.

MinuteHound has a secure system to ensure safety and security of employees. Unlike traditional time clocks, the MinuteHound software never stores the employees fingerprint, so security cannot be compromised. This time attendance management system saves you time and money because you do not have to correct employee hours each pay period. If you do have to manually enter or edit times, it can be done in seconds right on the webpage! This time attendance management systems also prevents timecard errors. Additionally, MinuteHound eliminates unapproved changes to a time card and unapproved overtime. Plus, data from MinuteHound can be sent to accounting software programs to provide additional organization of payroll information.

Time Attendance Management System: Save Money Every Single Day

Businesses lose billions of dollars each year because of payroll and attendance errors. MinuteHound time attendance management system saves thousands of payroll dollars because it eliminates incorrect time punches. It also provides an accurate record of attendance. Just by eliminating time clock errors, this system pays for itself beginning from day one.

Internet Based Time TrackingYou can take control of your payroll again by using MinuteHound time attendance management system because you have immediate access to real-time reporting. Plus, customized alerts will keep you informed of any problems that may occur. This time attendance management system stops time clock fraud. Since MinuteHound requires a fingerprint to clock-in and out, it ensure the correct person is being paid. To provide extra security, employees cannot change clock-in and clock-out times. These bonus features are great for large companies where employees may have limited or no supervision.

MinuteHound time attendance management system is the best way to monitor hours and attendance. MinuteHound provides you with accurate data, security, and a reliable system for just pennies a day. You do not have to have any special training to start MinuteHound. Try MinuteHound today, risk free!

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