Stop Employees From Stealing Time at The Workplace

STOP Time Theft Before It Even Starts

Time theft occurs in almost every workplace. On average, 2-8% of payroll is stolen. That means thousands of hard-earned dollars. If you suffered from thousands of dollars being taken from your cash register, would you sit idly by? Of course not! To stop your employees from stealing time, you must first consider how and why time theft is common.

Why is stealing time commonplace?
Time theft costs real money, but it is often hard to see. When a worker is guilty of stealing time, it usually isn’t malicious. The most common form of time theft is buddy punching. Buddy punching is when one employee clocks in for a late co-worker. Many employees view buddy punching as a friendly favor. While one 10-minute buddy punch may only cost you a few dollars, that time quickly adds up. In sum, time theft occurs because on its face it appears harmless. Unfortunately, over the course of a payroll period or two, stolen time adds up.

How to stop time theft?

One way to stop workers from stealing time is through oversight and regulation. While constant supervision and strict regulation can stop workers from stealing time, they come with drawbacks. For one, employee morale is damaged due to an apparent lack of trust. Additionally, time that could be spent productively is wasted watching over employees.

To stop employees from stealing time, you need a system designed to prevent time theft. Minutehound is that system. Minutehound is a low-cost time and attendance system which will save your business time and money. Minutehound utilizes fingerprint technology to eliminate buddy punching. To clock in, workers must place their finger on a scanner. With Minutehound, staff must be on the job to clock in.

No Effort Needed to Save Money, Everyday!

fingerprint attendance system, learn the secrets
To keep management up to date, Minutehound creates a live report, updated whenever someone clocks in or out. That report is accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Better yet, the system can send updates via e-mail or text message whenever someone is late or leaves early.

To stop time theft, use Minutehound! An easy to use system designed to keep money in your wallet. Stop being a victim of time theft. Minutehound is a simple solution to a complex problem. Stop being a victim of your employees stealing time. Save big on your payroll with Minutehound!

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