Effective Time and Attendance Starts With Management

How Does Your Current Time and Attendance Stack Up?

Handling time and attendance effectively is a challenge. Doing so requires great management. Making sure that your staff is clocking in and out on time and keeping an organized record of that information is tough. While the days of physical time cards and notebooks filled with records are coming to an end those problems haven’t vanished.

What makes time and attendance so tough? Effectively managing employee time on the job is tough for three main reasons:

Time theft
On average, time theft makes up 2-8% of a businesses’ payroll. Trying to fight time theft using traditional timekeeping systems is a nightmare. Buddy punching is often as simple as holding a fellow employees’ swipe card. Fighting time theft with these systems requires harsh regulation and overbearing oversight.

Keeping all of your worker’s time logged accurately is often a terrible experience. Maintaining paper records is a chore for obvious reasons, but some automated systems are even worse. It is not uncommon for a business to pay for an expensive time and attendance system and resort to also keeping a paper time log.

Data security
Even if you are able to organize your worker’s time, keeping your information secure is essential. Paper records can get lost or damaged, and hard drives can fail. Losing records of your employee’s time is a nightmare.

What’s the solution?

Fingerprint Time Clock SoftwareHaving a state of the art time and attendance system designed from the ground up to avoid time theft, keep organized, and keep your data secure. MinuteHound is that solution! MinuteHound is a low-cost biometric time and attendance system designed to save the money in your wallet. Minutehound even keeps a live report of your employees’ time that updates whenever someone clocks in or out. Better yet, you can set up MinuteHound to notify you by e-mail or text whenever someone clocks in or out. Through utilizing fingerprint technology and live reporting MinuteHound eliminates time theft.

MinuteHound uses 128-bit encryption to transfer employee data to the cloud securely. All of your employee data is neatly organized on MinuteHound’s web client. Keeping your data both organized and secure.

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