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Work Smarter Not Harder with A Web Based Timeclock

Knowledge is power! Being able to use modern technology to your benefit and bottom-line give you the power to boost savings while controlling costs. The web based timeclock is a browser based feature where employees can login, from any device, and record their time. It does not get any easier or more simple! The web based timeclock can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime. Better yet, when your employees login, a time stamp along with the IP address is included. You can track location along with their daily schedules.

The web based timeclock has many features and all designed to make life easier and more organized for managers and owners. Common human error, time fraud, and waste costs business owners large amounts of money. With MinuteHound’s web based timeclock, so many common issues are gone. No more wondering who worked and who didn’t, no more paper timesheets or looking for pens, and human error is gone. The benefits of the web based timeclock go on and on, and the reasons for not using is a shortlist.

Web Based Timeclock Features

The process is simple: employee login and click a button to record their time. Then, on the management side, you can login and view everyone’s timecards and edit/make changes/print etc. You can even download them and import into any payroll program. This makes payroll super quick without error. There is no cons to the web based timeclock! It is only $1.00 per employee every month. Even the smallest business can afford $1.00 for a system such as this. Lifetime updates and system system is included. There are no hidden fees and as soon as you sign up, you have instant access.

MinuteHound’s web based timeclock is no risk, as you can cancel at anytime. There is nothing holding you to any type of obligation. If you love the system, you keep using. If not, stop at anytime. Sign up today!

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Time Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Web Based Timeclock.

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