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Payroll Web Clock and Tools To Succeed

Sometimes you have to lose in order to realize how to win. For managers who have lost money due to payroll abuse, time fraud, and common human error, now is the time to win! The Payroll Web Clock helps managers in numerous ways. For starters, a clear and concise way of recording time. No more paper time sheets or pens. Only thing employees have to do is login, click a button to record their time, and go to work. The payroll web clock does the rest. Managers can login from anywhere and start conducting payroll. All times accurate and reports are already calculated and ready to process. From the very first day, the payroll web clock will start paying for itself.

The payroll web clock is a complete package, which includes rules for overtime, schedules, alerts, and many other features. When an employee clocks in or out, a timestamp and IP address are included. This way, you can track location along with the time. Since employees usually play when the boss is away, the payroll web clock ensures they are at work compared to the beach. Employees will have access their own time card as well. Both employee and employer love this system as it is simple, provides everyone information, and most importantly both parties only pay and get paid what they worked.

Why Use A Payroll Web Clock?

Every company needs to have a time and attendance system. Not only for organization, keeping costs low, and saving money, but also for legal reasons. If employees ever sue or go after lost wages, every business needs a way to prove them wrong. MinuteHound’s payroll web clock is that system. Need records from 4 years ago? It is a few clicks away! Have no fear and save money every week by using this state of the art system.

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