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The MinuteHound Time Clock is a fingerprint-based sign in system. Each MinuteHound device uses biometric fingerprinting. This fingerprint is then converted to an encrypted number which protects individual’s personal privacy. This way, fingerprint information is not directly stored on the system. This login information is then automatically uploaded to the internet, allowing employers (or specific school faculty members) to view the attendance records in real time if desired. In fact, while this system is perfect for use with employees in the workplace, it is also an ideal student attendance system for use with faculty and part-time help.

Preventing student attendance system fraud is really easily done with this system. Signing in is quickly accomplished. If several of these Time Clocks are set up around school, then this process should be extremely quick and streamlined. In fact, the device for this school attendance system can be extended up to 54 feet away from the computer it is hooked up to. Additionally, since this student attendance system is the same that is also meant to be useful for employee clock-ins, it is designed to have both a “sign in” and a “sign out” purpose.

Employee Attendance TrackingThis way, several of the problems with the traditional student attendance system are solved all at once. Many schools have year-round substitute teachers and administrators need to track these individuals. The student attendance system for schools is perfect. Subs can come in and record their time with a simple swipe. If they go from classroom to classroom or say building to building, that is fine as well. Each punch is recorded, and every minute is tracked. The student attendance system for schools saves countless time from admins having to manually check the times of subs and part-time help.

Using the MinuteHound Time Clock as a student attendance system for schools is a vital part of operations. The system can quickly generate an automatic report to show how many hours in each class and/or each building the temp teacher spent. This student attendance system should make a teacher’s job easier than ever before. Not only a teacher, but the person in charge of paying teachers. Most are on salary, but not part-time help. This student attendance system is perfect for schools and goes month to month. No long-term commitment required!

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