Attendance Monitoring System- Cloud Based Web Access

An Attendance Monitoring System That Eliminates Payroll Loss

What is a Biometric Attendance Monitoring System? What if you could check employee attendance from anywhere in the world? With MinuteHound, you can see who is clocked in from a simple Web interface. MinuteHound uses biometric fingerprint technology to keep attendance records. Since fingerprints are unique, you can be sure that you only pay your employees for the time they work. The old way of using punch cards was flawed and inefficient. Worst of all, it didn’t provide a proper attendance monitoring system. Employers lose an average of 5 percent when using a system that is not providing biometric protection.

A biometric attendance monitoring system allows you to store a payroll record in the cloud. You can print out your records to create reports or store a physical copy. The Web interface allows you to see who is clocked in and at what time. This convenient, time-saving feature lets you make payroll adjustments as they are needed. Without a biometric attendance monitoring system, you have to wait until the end of the payroll period to make adjustments. When calculating payroll, you have to wonder if your employees really clocked in at the proper time.

How Do Punch Cards Waste Money on Payroll?

An attendance monitoring system eliminates the bad habits that waste time and money on payroll. Punch cards don’t have a unique employee ID to prevent unauthorized use. Some attendance problems include buddy punching and time card manipulation. Employees can increase payroll costs with unapproved overtime. Punch cards rely on outdated technology that is prone to errors. MinuteHound ensures that each employee has a unique ID, their print. Payroll is more efficient because the Web interface does most of the work for you.

Secure Biometric Cloud ComputingYou will see a red flag when there is a problem. You can deal with tardiness or payroll abuse in real time from the Web interface. MinuteHound sends an alert via email or text message when employees are late or leave early from a shift. An attendance monitoring system makes payroll a breeze by automating all the tasks that used to be quite time-consuming. There is no training required, and MinuteHound only costs pennies a day.

A Secure Attendance Monitoring System

You never have to worry about intercepted data. MinuteHound uses 128-bit encryption to prevent tampering with attendance records. The attendance monitoring system is so easy to use and you can connect it to any computer with an internet access. The biometric fingerprint technology is plug-and-play, and MinuteHound offers first class US based support if you need it. You can try MinuteHound risk-free without any obligation to make a commitment. There is no downside to using a biometric time clock. You will instantly begin saving time and money on payroll.

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MinuteHound Attendance Monitoring System.

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