Student Attendance System: Helping Schools Save Time And Money

Student Attendance System: Easy To Use and Setup

A student attendance system gives school’s valuable tools and resources. Today’s teachers and school administrators are busier than ever. With so little time and so much to do, taking attendance the old-fashioned way can be a major burden. It’s also unreliable and inaccurate. An easier way to track student attendance is with the MinuteHound student attendance system.

This cutting-edge student attendance system uses biometric fingerprint technology. As a result, it prevents one student from checking in for another. The scanner itself is the size of a computer mouse. There is no big bulky machine. There are many other perks to using MinuteHound. Learn more about them below.

Save time with a high-tech student attendance system. If you remember the days of sitting through roll call, you know how time-consuming it can be. With the MinuteHound student attendance system, tracking attendance is fast. Students simply swipe their fingers. The scanner processes the data and sends it to the cloud. Your day won’t be interrupted by having to take attendance. In turn, your job will be easier.

Student Attendance System Improves Accuracy without Spending a Fortune

Writing check marks next to students’ names to keep track of their attendance records is extremely inefficient. It’s easy to put a mark in the wrong place. You could forget to mark one altogether. With MinuteHound, you will be able to track students’ attendance more precisely. There’s no disputing the accuracy of biometric fingerprint technology. You will have a clear, reliable record. If the system says a student was there, you can count on it.

In large classrooms, it’s easy for a student to raise his hand for another student. Students do this to help friends avoid tardy marks. It can be a big problem. With the MinuteHound student attendance system, students can’t do this. Each fingerprint is linked to each student. It’s impossible for one student to check in for another. Your attendance records will be more accurate. Your students won’t be able to claim they were there when they weren’t.

Student Attendance System: Enjoy Real-Time Attendance Information

Student Attendance System Keeps Information Safe and SecureWith the MinuteHound student attendance system, there’s no need to input information about students’ attendance records into computers. It’s all sent right to the cloud. As a result, this student attendance system allows you to stay informed about your students’ attendance habits in real time. The days of waiting for reports to be generated will be over. At any given moment, you will be able to check and see whether or not a student attended class on a specific day.

The student attendance system also provides assistance in case of emergency. When a student checks-in, you will know which part of the school that student is located in. If an event or emergency ever took place, you will know where every student is located. No guessing games or running around looking for them. The student attendance system provides multiple benefits for all school types and districts. There is no training or downtime required. No long term commitments. There is no fine print or hidden fees. Call MinuteHound at (800) 351-7237 today, and see what technology can do for you.

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