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Business expenses are on the rise, and many businesses are now trying their best to save money. One area that business owners can save money in is payroll. Each quarter, businesses lose thousands of dollars due to payroll errors. Such errors consist of improper time recording, employees clocking in for other employees, time stealing and the like. MinuteHound has developed a special system fingerprint system that can solve most of the problem with payroll shortages. The system fingerprint is revolutionary, and it is currently saving businesses as much as 5 percent on their payroll.

How the System Fingerprint Helps
Many payroll issues come from human error. The person who works in the payroll department may have a ton of responsibilities. He or she may become exhausted and enter something wrong. Companies that use the paper punch card systems are susceptible to errors with the machines. Organizations that use a full paper system for payroll have more headaches because of transposed numbers, poor handwriting and other issues. The new MinuteHound system fingerprint keeps information organized. The system has the ability to generate payroll reports. The payroll reports save the payroll department time and money.

How the System Fingerprint Works
The MinuteHound system is easy to use. The person controlling it does not have to take any special courses to learn to use it. The product consists of a system fingerprint scanner. The scanner connects to a nearby computer with a cord. Once the manager connects the scanner to the computer, the system is ready to go. Employees just touch the scanner, and they are registered. The registration process takes less than two minutes of time. Once the scanner records the employee’s print, it will read future scans. The system then sends the data to a server in real time.

Convenient Ways to Access the System Fingerprint Information
Work Tracking For All EmployeeWhat most companies love about the MinuteHound system is the convenience. The information that generates when a person clocks in goes to a remote server. Managers can access the information from any computer. They can access the server to monitor employees while on vacation. They can use the information to analyze business needs. They can also make changes to employee hours based on the system fingerprint information.

Any business that is ready to save money can start using this system today. A person who registers today can get started using the device today. It is guaranteed to make life easier for all parties. The system keeps the work environment honest, and it avoids time clock disagreements. No one can dispute the recorded time, because the system records fingerprints in real time. MinuteHound is known as the new future of time and attendance.

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MinuteHound Biometric System Fingerprint.

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