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A Fingerprint Attendance System That Provides Better Accuracy and Ease of Use

The real beauty of MinuteHound fingerprint attendance is that timekeeping and attendance is made simple so any computer can be used as a company’s time clock. For this to work smoothly, you only need an Internet connection on each computer. Businesses of all sizes love how easy it is to use. They don’t need to own a separate, dedicated computer to keep track of employee’s comings and goings. Any computer in the business can become a time clock.

This works with a biometric scanner that is connected to the computer using an extension cable. Three cables can be used for each device. This lets the time clock be up to 54 feet away from the computer. Employees can still use the computer for other tasks with the time clock running silently and unseen in the background. Once the time clock is installed and employees are enrolled, everything is ready to go.

A Secure and Reliable System

This unique technology was made to be used in sensitive areas of military facilities. Because it was used for this purpose, you know the MinuteHound fingerprint attendance system is a secure, reliable and accurate system. With no time cards required, time and attendance is made plain and streamlined.

Because all fingerprint attendance information is stored in a cloud, it can be used from any device with an Internet connection. A business manager could be in a meeting in Tokyo and keep tabs on their business in the United States with just a few clicks. They can find out who is on the clock at any given time and find out when anyone clocks in or out at different times than their scheduled shift.

Any Size Business Can Benefit

Fingerprint ClockBusinesses of all sizes can use this fingerprint attendance system to lower costs and increase their ability to keep track of payroll. Aspects of fingerprint attendance that make it useful for any size business include:

Adjustable – Meaning the system is flexible and can be expanded on demand with the changing needs of the business
Unlimited Users – The fingerprint attendance system is almost limitless as far as the number of users who can be supported at any time
Up-to-the-minute Information – All information is provided in real time to give managers the most current statistics available
Easy Use – Employees and employers love this easy to use fingerprint attendance system. A simple touch of the employee’s finger is all that’s needed.

Information from the employee’s fingerprint is encrypted into a 128 bit number that distinguishes the employee from others. This number is divided and sent to four different servers on four continents. With real time access, ease of use and high accuracy, MinuteHound fingerprint attendance system is a great asset to any business of any size.

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