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Pole Vault Into the 21st Century With The Biometric Fingerprint System!

Sure, we all know that January 1st, 2001 was the advent of the 21st century…but are we all flying with jet packs? Or living “off planet?” Or eating a 3-course meal by swallowing a pill? No! Don’t worry, all isn’t lost. There is a company that wraps Star Trek and James Bond technologies into a money-saving, attendance recording biometric fingerprint system. That is, it’s a time clock that one punches into by touching a finger to a scanner.

The biometric fingerprinting system, a product of MinuteHound, can snip 5-10% off payroll cost for your business as it eliminates time theft, such as buddy punching or stealing overtime. Also, the biometric fingerprint system time clock can be installed up to 54 feet from your computer, where your personal web portal can be accessed remotely. Imagine relaxing on a beach while also keeping tabs on which employees are working, and who’s slacking off! Biometric fingerprint system takes away those fears and doubts about who’s minding the shop while you fly abroad, or have quality time with the family.

What Does the Biometric Fingerprint System Do?

Stress? The biometric fingerprint system allows you to tell it where to go. Tedium? No way – the biometric fingerprint system casts it off by removing the red tape of paper time cards. It’s a fact that U.S. businesses lose $148 billion per year due to faulty time accounting. Well, the biometric fingerprint system will shave billions off that appalling number!

Thumbprint Time Clock ReviewsSo now the 3rd millennium has truly arrived in the form of the biometric fingerprint system, which uses technology originally developed for government installations. What safeguard could be more effective for your growing business? Whether you have 5 employees or 50,000, you can be alerted anywhere, anytime by this brainchild of MinuteHound.

It was as long ago as 1858 when Sir William J. Hershel documented the first fingerprints in British India; then, around the turn of the 20th century, Sir Edward Henry devised a classification system. By 1901 Scotland Yard was using the Henry Classification System that breaks down human fingerprints into four basic patterns: arches, loops, whorls and composites. Contemporary methods utilize the ridge flow approach to categorize fingerprints.

We have come a long way from the discovery that fingerprints linger long after the touch of the finger, to the fact that each person’s print is as unique as a snowflake, as though each of us was individually manufactured rather than the product of a bio-factory. The biometric fingerprint system takes advantage of this wonderful revelation. Other companies charge $500 or more for their fingerprint time clocks, but MinuteHound will have none of that, because their product will cost you under $100. No fingerprints are kept on file, and its software is cloud based, so you can gain internet access anywhere in the world.

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