The Biometrics Attendance Machine: the Future is Now!

Biometrics Attendance Machine: What Is It?

Employee attendance systems are nothing new. Having employees clock or sign in and out is necessary in order to keep track of hours worked. However, traditional time clocks or time sheets are easy for employees to cheat by having a friend punch or sign in and out for them. The MinuteHound biometrics attendance machine uses biometric fingerprint data to prevent this. This is the time clock of the future, and it is available now.

The biometrics attendance machine uses a simple USB fingerprint scanner to log employees in and out. Fingerprints are converted to a series of binary digits using 128-bit encryption before data is sent securely to the cloud. Fingerprint images are never kept nor transmitted. The binary code cannot be used to produce a fingerprint image, thus ensuring security.

Cloud Computing Put into Practical Use

The data collected by the biometrics attendance machine are stored securely in the cloud, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It is possible for an employer to know at any time which employees are on the clock and working. This can allow for adjustments in the number of employees or shifts worked in order to meet the current needs of the company.

MinuteHound Fingerprint Time ClockThe machine can also be programmed with assigned work schedules, and will send an email alert if an employee arrives late or leaves early. By doing so, the biometrics attendance machine lets the employer know if there is a problem with an employee so that it can be handled early on.

The biometrics attendance machine also simplifies payroll. MinuteHound automates reports so that all employers have to do is login, download reports, and send off to payroll. No data is ever saved locally, so even if the computer or scanner was stolen, lost, or damaged it would have no effect whatsoever on data. MinuteHound keeps businesses running no matter what is happening locally!

Biometrics Attendance Machine: Easy to Use and Setup

The USB scanner can be attached to any computer located on company premises. The software to run the attendance machine is plug-and-play and will only take a few minutes to become familiar with. Enrolling employees is simple, and takes less than a minute to complete! Once enrolled, each and every employee can use the biometrics attendance machine located anywhere. So they can clock-in at location A, and clock out at location B.

The cost of the biometrics attendance machine is usually only pennies per day. There is a purchase fee for the scanner, as well as a small monthly fee for the service. The hardware comes with a 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee, and service can be cancelled at any time. The MinuteHound biometrics attendance machine is currently in use by over 150,000 active daily users throughout the world. Join today and see why!

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