Biometric Time Clock – Business Application

Benefits of a Biometric Time Clock

A biometric time clock is efficient modern technology that saves money and eliminates time card headaches. The average loss due to time card fraud and errors is 5% of payroll costs. Any business with hourly employees would benefit from using a biometric time clock. Employees cannot cheat or win against biometrics. The boss does not even have to be present for MinuteHound technology to work!

Biometrics is the science concerned with measuring human physical characteristics. Fingerprint patterns help grasp small objects, much as a tire grasps the pavement. We know today that fingerprints are one of the unique identifiers everyone has. The ridges and valleys at our fingertips are a product of genetics and environment, a process so random that no two people have the same pattern. The idea didn’t really catch on until 1901, when the techniques of fingerprinting were adopted by Scotland Yard. Today, it is a simple and universal means of identifying individuals.

How the Biometric Time Clock Uses Uniqueness to it’s Advantage!

A biometric time clock uses a clear image of a person’s finger tip for the purposes of identification and access control. A biometric time clock employs a glass plate over an optical scanner. A person simply places their finger on the scanner to quickly match a name to a fingerprint. This image is then converted to digital data and compared to the data of a previously scanned image. When there is a match, identification is made. With the speed of modern computers, given a set of clear images, a biometric time clock is quick and reliable. MinuteHound never actually saves the fingerprint! Each print is broken down into a binary number. MinuteHound is safe, secure and offers peace of mind for all users.

If you’ve watched a crowd of employees gather at the time clock waiting to line up their card on the slot, you know how inefficient this can be. A biometric time clock is a fast and secure method that eliminates the drawbacks of time cards. No more buddy-punching. No more mistakes.

Biometric Time Clock- The Ultimate Business Application

With this patented system, the biometric time clock data is stored immediately on the cloud with 128-bit encryption. This means secure, real-time data that can be accessed over the web from anywhere in the world. It comes with a real-time reporting solution that generates the data you want, including alerts to red-flag tardiness or unauthorized overtime. You’ll know exactly who’s on the clock and make staffing decisions accordingly.

Risk-free, cost-effective, and easy to implement with no training. A biometric time clock can eliminate most payroll headaches from the start.

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