What Is A Biometric Time Clock? For Employers, It Means Money!

What The Biometric Time Clock Can Do

In this year 2017, there is literally no reason at all to use old technology or old habits. Paper time sheets, punch cards or anything else that has been in use for decades simply do nothing now except cost companies money. You have to buy inventory and then completely rely on employees to be on time and honest to record their time for payment. MinuteHound solution, the biometric time clock, completely eliminates all forms of time theft and buddy punching. Employees can no longer steal time or cover for friends. The only way they can be paid for their time is to show up and physically be present. A biometric time clock is like having an extra set of eyes at all times. It is foolproof and 100% accurate.

The biometric time clock is very easy to use as well. Just plug it in and download the software. At first, you will have to enter the employees name then enroll their fingerprint. After that, they just scan. Very easy to setup and even easier to use. Takes mere minutes to get up and going. The biometric time clock will do all the work after that. It is very small and lightweight and takes up no room at all. Unlike other systems, MinuteHound is designed to not only be easy but practical to be in daily use.

Why Time and Attendance is Crucial to Every Business

Keeping employee costs low is important to everyone. Nothing upsets an employee more than a bad paycheck. It is why if they are in control of their own time, they typically pad the hours to get a full check even if they didn’t work a full week. A biometric time clock works both ways, in the sense it keeps employees honest and happy while costs remain very low. Payroll expenses go down while all fraud is eliminated. Employers who use this biometric time clock are always thrilled how fast they see results. Having technology like this is an advantage everyone can afford.

MinuteHound only costs 1 dollar per employee. Small business owners find it the most affordable and most effective system on the market. There is no other reason to get the system than to keep employees honest and not cheat. Companies have a hard time doing this without using this type of technology. Pins and passwords can be shared among friends while pen and paper is prone to bad habits and cheating. Employee a biometric time clock is not only smart, buy savvy! Get MinuteHound today with no commitments and no obligations needed. It will either work for you and save money or you can cancel at anytime. No fine print and no other charges. Try it today!

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