The Fingerprint Time Clock That Saved Captain America

Fingerprint Time Clock Saves Captain America? Huh?

It sounds crazy right, Captain America needs to be saved? Well the story revolves around the comic book shopped named after him, not the hero himself! As everyone knows pretty much everything in print is having a very difficult time as technology in the form of Kindles and iPads take the market over. Local comic book shops are becoming extinct as with a few clicks fans can get a digital copy of a comic compared to driving to the store and picking it up. Such was the case with Captain America Comics, a local comic book shop. They had been in business for a very long time but as Amazon and Apple started taking over their profits started to go down. They needed a way to cut costs and keep a steady profit margin so they started to investigate technology that would help them. That is how they found MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock.

Captain America comics needed a way to manage staff and projects in a cost-efficient way. MinuteHound was the answer as the fingerprint time clock system is fast and easy to setup, highly flexible and can track jobs/projects and of course staff. Reports are automated so there was no additional fees. The owner of Captain America needed to go to difference conventions and travel more to try and boost up business and try different marketing techniques. He did not have to worry as the fingerprint time clock could alert him to employees showing up late without even having to be in the same state. When someone shows up late or not at all, MinuteHound sends a text message letting you. Basically, by having a fingerprint time clock the owner did not have to hire a manager or worry about his shop not opening while he was away working hard trying to drum up business. MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock system gave him the peace of mind he needed.

Forgot Bucky, The Fingerprint Time Clock to The Rescue!

MinuteHound Captain America Fingerprint Time ClockNot only did the fingerprint time clock give him peace of mind, it gave him profits! Or really it would be savings, as MinuteHound eliminates time theft, fraud, human error and right off the bat decreases payroll costs. In addition, no more paper! Ironic how green/paperless technology can help save a comic book shop, but such is how this story goes. From day one Captain America was able to install the system within minutes and get to work. Job tracking become effortless and no more showing up at 9:25 but getting paid from 9:00. Captain America started saving money every month which gave the owner more freedom to market. He found a way to setup a relationship with a larger distributor and also started doing more online since he had more time. MinuteHound is cloud based and he finally had the time and funds to invest in himself. We all love Captain America Comics and very happy to be part of their story.

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