The Most Effective Ways To Stop Buddy Punching At Work

Buddy Punching No More!

On average, 2-8% of a business’ payroll is stolen. Even for a small business, that can be thousands of dollars in payroll. Meaning, any responsible business should take steps to eliminate time theft. Buddy punching is the most common form of time theft. Buddy punching is when one employee wrongfully clocks in for a co-worker. Unfortunately, many employees view as harmless. Clocking in for a co-worker soon before they arrive on the job seems like a small sin. However, over the course of a year, buddy punching adds up.

Generally, people try to stop buddy punching via oversight. Owners personally watch workers clock in and out or have management do so. Oversight requires the physical presence of an owner or manager at all times. This constant presence and open distrust can hurt staff morale. Also, watching over lower lever staff may not be the best use of a manager or owner’s time. Time waste and hurt feelings are not ideal. Meaning, oversight is not an ideal solution.

How To Stop Buddy Punching For Good

Using a system made to stop buddy punching is the best option. MinuteHound is a low-priced time and attendance option made to stop buddy punching. MinuteHound uses fingerprints to punch workers in and out. Therefore, staff members must be on the job to clock in or out. No time waste. No hurt feelings. And no more buddy punching!

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MinuteHound creates a live report, updated whenever someone punches in or out. Management can then access the report from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The system can even send an e-mail or text message whenever an employee arrives late or leaves early, keeping owners up-to-date minute to minute. MinuteHound keeps time and attendance simple. No steep learning curves or training needed. You are already ready to use MinuteHound. So stop being a victim of time theft!

MinuteHound is a cheap and easy way to stop time theft in the workplace. Why continue to allow a big part of your payroll to be stolen? If you are a business owner looking to save big on payroll, then try MinuteHound! A time and attendance solution made to support the needs of business owners. Save money, save time, use MinuteHound.

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