Can Time Theft Among Friends At The Workplace Be Stopped

STOP! Time Theft At Work Costs Everyone

Time theft accounts for 2-8% of a businesses’ payroll on average. Time theft accounts for such a large portion of payroll, it is crucial that business owners take steps to eliminate it. One of the most common forms of time theft is when one employee falsely clocks in for an absent or late friend, also referred to as ‘buddy punching.’

Employees often view buddy punching as a simple favor to a friend and co-worker who is running a few minutes late to the job. It is easy to see why employees would see no issue with clocking in for a co-worker a few minutes before they arrive. Unfortunately, over the course of a year, buddy punching leads to decreased profits and extra spending. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to avoid time theft, but how can you prevent your employees from clocking in for each other?

How to most effectively eliminate buddy punching?

Personally watching or having your management oversee that every employee clocks in on time might be one way to eliminate buddy punching. However, doing so requires you or managers to be physically present continually and may make your business come off as harsh to employees. Time theft is serious, however, so is maintaining employee morale and utilizing your own time and the time of your upper-level employees appropriately.

Biometric Time Clock ReviewsThe best way to protect your business form buddy punching is to use a system that is designed from the ground up to rule it out. MinuteHound is a low-priced time and attendance system that utilizes biometric fingerprint technology that ensures your employees are only on the clock while on the job. To clock in, employees must physically place their finger on a scanner which instantly makes a live report you can access from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. MinuteHound can even send you an e-mail or text message when an employee arrives late or leaves early from an assigned shift!

MinuteHound is a cheap and easy to use solution to eliminating time theft among friends in the workplace. There is no reason to continue to allow a huge chunk of your payroll to be stolen. If you are serious about eliminating time theft, then MinuteHound is for you.

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